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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    I have anew thing I do I sleep listening to the creaksof a mast and wooden ships on the ocean!!!! Helps with the insomnia ::))buttonight i think I’ll take in the sounds of an engine room on a submarine.

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    David Taylor’s exact words to Joshua dunkerly after Devonian said something to him that was callous and something one should never say as a judge. David said- we deeply apologize as we the upper judges appointed along with made some very bad judging choices. Take it from me guys I’ve been doing this far too long and know when someone has no idea what their doing.

    that said Eki I would have scored your piece a sil/bronze . Just continue to work on your technique a bit that will come as you paint, take many pictures and tidy up as you go. Either way your piece was well painted and that’s the truth.
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    This is very interesting to hear. I know Josh is a local guy from near me, I only met him once briefly back in 17 during Armies on parade. He got best 40k and I AoS. He’s put out some great pieces and I recognized some of them in the case, and was VERY surprised that he only got a finalist pin out of his 5 or so entries. Personally his NMM Cawl has me shaking, it’s beautiful. I thought it was easy Gold work and frankly surprised he was even competing in journeyman when I saw the winners scroll. Then he only got a finalist pin? I thought that was really weird and with everything else going around kind of confirms it. Feel bad for him (and Eki and Janet) I mean he even had pieces in the charity auction. He’s a quality painter that deserved more

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    I have anew thing I do I sleep listening to the creaksof a mast and wooden ships on the ocean!!!! Helps with the insomnia ::))buttonight i think I’ll take in the sounds of an engine room on a submarine.
    I don't know, sub engine room might be a little noisy. Maybe go with Rocket blasting off from launch pad or MOAB hitting target sound

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    Honestly I have already let it go. I know that part of entering comps is going to be biased regardless of where it takes place, as you have humans judging so there is inherent bias. I am just pleased that I got to see some new friends get Golds (very well deserved at that) and hang out for a bit with all of you! And thanks for the words of encouragement Wait...what! You said it would be at least Silver at the con! Now you are down grading me to Bronze ugh!

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    It honestly should’ve said silver/bronze -but you know my shorthand it’s pretty short . And I never stop to check .lolol ever ..

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    Starting this morning off right- with a progress shot. Here goes to the next project and what I feel will possibly be along time invested one. Name:  367CAB97-F87C-4929-91A8-8CC9F3D8FAB2.jpg
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Size:  783.6 KBName:  6BA9F800-5179-449B-AC18-D335E023985C.jpg
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Size:  702.0 KBName:  581794AF-35DD-4EF9-8B77-1FD82496A77D.jpeg
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    Looks great! The outlines on the individual muscles make the shading look even better.

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    That’s it ferrrr tonight / today

    I personally thought all the everchosen picks were right on the money except 1- SKELETTES LEGION OF THE DAMNED SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE TOO 3 finalists. It was technically the best and the conversion was seemless and the very small but thematic Base burning the metal with ungodly fire was the perfect blend of everything annnd it was a simple 28mm primaris soldier to start . Amazing!!!

    Name:  C5F029F5-5A94-4E11-8C14-C7E87F7EAF02.jpg
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Size:  1.01 MBName:  BD9AF415-C847-44A0-B974-16E331B779BE.jpg
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    The skin keeps looking better and better with each miniature you paint. The striations on the muscles give them much more definition. Can’t wait to see the weapons all painted up.

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    Thanks so so much my dear friend jojo!!! Your da goods.

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    Mid noon update.
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    digging that purplish, bluish/black (monitor is making it hard to tell which) you have on the one figures arm and 1/2 torso the contrast between the halves is really good looking at this point.

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    Yanks eq !!! Once I get the proper photos you’ll end up seeing the subtle but signature glazing of warm,cool (red/blue) !!!! Thanks again mate.

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    While it is a bummer that some of the judging was less than desired, it looks like you had another fantastic haul! It is well-deserved as well! I'm looking forward to seeing how you paint up these new guys. I know you'll do an awesome job on the skin and I'm curious to see how the rest of them will turn out

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    Thanks Kuribo your da goods. All in all it was a great show. I’m happy I’m able to compete with these big names and able to melt in right in with them. Def has me walking on air everytime.

    heres my 2 natives so farName:  3527D229-CA3F-432B-9910-E5AF84BAFAF9.jpg
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Size:  666.6 KBenjoy!!!

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    And after tidying up a bit Name:  0A2D1732-E891-4B14-90C6-81A449041881.jpeg
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    these are looking great BAM. I like the contrast in colour between the shadow areas and lit up sections.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Early noon progress -Name:  8954974E-1550-4095-9615-689B70C5AB86.jpg
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Size:  887.4 KBI believe there are 9 or so of these figures- this will be a marathon very detailed and PITA!!!!

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