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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    those orcs are great. thee look so full of character.

    cyclops is looking great wiht new base. suites him.
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    It's a good thing he only got one eye for aiming with that giant club!!!

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    As per always you’ve got some really nice things happening in this thread!!! Man those orks are looking great, what an honour to get to paint part of the collection along with those other great names in painting!!! That guy is going to have one kick ass looking collection that’s for sure...
    Well the cyclops is looking awesome mate... and even better now with that base concept, really suits the figure. I’ve seen a few really good versions of this guy popping up lately, but I like your take on it. Has a really creepy monster look to it, and that eye!!!! Brilliant... looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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    Brilliant idea John, that hand on the column is something else! Now it gives the impression that he is choosing wether to hit with the club or throw a piece of column!
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    Absolutely perfect base idea. This is a great project.

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    This guy will be forest themed among some ruins and will be part of a 4 man group for any ol future competition . All from Stephen Simon miniatures. Goliath and the two male and female barbarians that I purchased moons he is awaiting a few touch ups and I’ll post him tomorrow sometime.Name:  DC0B5179-968A-40CB-B358-47CF03989C87.jpg
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    He’s come together really well. I like the blue shadows going on the side of his torso.

    Still really curious about what’s on the other side of his face though
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