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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Default Hey Gentse look closer

    Just to show how much work is put into each models rusted corrosiin

    Name:  278B345E-0F01-49D3-BEFB-3EFAFFE20F3B.jpeg
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Size:  1.41 MBTake a peek enjoy the many hours .

    Name:  CB7260AC-2685-41EA-B5AD-9FCD58B36782.jpeg
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Size:  1.56 MB Name:  CEDA70EA-9FDE-4BBF-9F73-C919D58E30B9.jpeg
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Size:  1.35 MB Name:  72BF26E2-53A3-49A1-9A4F-37BBD7DD2A9B.jpeg
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Size:  1.30 MB
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    Thank you for the close ups! So well done, pride of Grandfather Nurgle without question!

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    That does look like a lot of work, but well worth it to get that great effect.

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    AS RECENTLY ADDED AUTHOR TO FIGURE MENTIRS MAGAZINE My third tutorial on figure mentors

    corrosive textures

    Name:  BDCA35D6-A985-4D72-8EC3-8324F5BC9D1B.jpeg
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    Newest and most current unit “ORDO XENOS”- I’ve thought a bit about a small back story etc etc .

    Name:  F7B8B93C-BAFE-4D9A-96DF-9DAB4F08F9C3.jpeg
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    Let’s get an update on these creepy pricks!!!!

    Name:  2CA12CDA-51B7-43BE-93B7-7BBAF6E67C97.jpeg
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Size:  1.79 MBName:  026A3865-117C-4410-9A92-A6F481AC75A9.jpeg
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Size:  1.46 MBName:  B95A4FED-7D7A-48C2-A58A-56AC446A3F93.jpeg
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Size:  1.40 MBName:  33B3404A-6A0B-47CF-A567-FDDAF7D9AACC.jpeg
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Size:  1.53 MBName:  D99A3143-1D99-4FA9-841F-DCF48C55AC50.jpeg
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Size:  1.74 MBName:  B5821C5F-91C1-487F-9F37-364F8D1D6ACD.jpeg
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Size:  1.68 MBName:  E0C988FC-A6C8-454A-B5F5-694FBD4B9F1D.jpeg
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Size:  1.45 MBName:  1BB36BD4-B7A6-4104-B248-9A2D62E32C07.jpeg
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Size:  1.50 MBName:  6CBE4C0D-F235-4F01-A276-E9096322844A.jpeg
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Size:  1.63 MB
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    Great shots of your amazing work on the Inquisitor band! Holy Moly! Love that crusted corrosion on their weapons!

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    wouah, how did you get this texture effect on the banner and weapons? It looks amazing!

    edit : never mind, I didn't see the article you shared just before. This is very interesting, thank you!
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    So what have I been up to

    Name:  ECF8FE39-32C4-465A-85E5-D93D891EC4EA.jpeg
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Size:  1.79 MBName:  53D2C81F-F0C0-4D33-9590-7DF5B58D610C.jpeg
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    Awesome start on the fourth guy, nice touch with the ooze coming out of the pipes on his shoulder

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    Awesome work as always dude, you are a machine

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    Thanks a million tim!!’

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    Here we are another update and journal log-

    Name:  AF73C570-E2D6-4EFD-A79D-CBF0F468442A.jpeg
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Size:  1.48 MBName:  B7FC4152-46A1-4FEF-93A9-9FD7A8DDC67E.jpeg
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Size:  1.56 MBName:  4CA551CB-FC4C-4FCB-A247-40C7F1FB67CE.jpeg
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Size:  1.50 MBName:  553683B6-1913-431D-B1B8-80939284508F.jpeg
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Size:  1.58 MB

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    Those guys need a good shower and exfoliation treatment. You get better and better with the realism of those creepy AF eyeballs. I found my old metal deathguard of the ?early 90’s going through some boxes.

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    So well done, stuffed crust! Nice pics too, shows them off properly!

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Very nice as always, I order some AK rust texture to have a play with on the strength of those pics!

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    Lololol bullfrog your the best!!! And thank you tiki and maxwin . You all are golden. The best . Name:  87566CD3-A9FC-42E3-AFA8-04129BBD381A.jpg
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Size:  758.9 KBName:  1E9303A6-60A8-4AEA-BF70-0375560A5A9B.jpeg
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Size:  1.84 MBName:  AA6AA35F-4FC9-4BC8-89D6-3891BE866B8B.jpeg
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Size:  1.42 MBName:  E37E3E62-48D7-4EBE-8847-BD1C4EA3A959.jpeg
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    They must be the stunt doubles for Tim Robinson in the Shawshank Redemption and had to crawl through that 500 yards of sewage pipe! Spectacular job on all the ding!

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