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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Started to bring more color into the model- here’s some blue chitin Name:  9499F01F-EBBA-473C-A5D2-5D0658E5030E.jpg
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    Her pictures look better!
    You can see the vein work better in her pics. Really look great, that blue really adds a nice dimension to the chitin/skin

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    Moving through the first three-Name:  CCDFCA3B-315C-4DBF-8F83-676EFC992DA1.jpeg
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Size:  1.68 MBstay tuned you folken folks!!! :/ :•}

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    The dark shadows really boost the contrast bringing these to life !
    Great work matey
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    With all that tongue action I thought this was Kiss without makeup on! Lol

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    Thanks so much lee means everything when your round these parts!!! your the best my dude.

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    Default I can’t resist this one mr krule

    (GENE)stealer SIMMONS!!!! I know I know but it was so right there I had too!!!lololl

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    Should be up guys just click the link below leave a comment would ya on the “GARDEN OF EDÉN”

    Name:  240E9536-392D-4247-A5EC-3BCA7E95E334.jpeg
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    Voted buddy. You know how much I love these Nurgle guys so the score shouldn’t be too much of a mystery!

    Nice to see the blue carapace going down too! You, Hairster and I are all going to have stealers with similar colour schemes but in our own distinct styles. I think that’s pretty cool

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    Oh yeah that’s the greatest of paint slings or miniature painting is the diff and distinct versions we each come up with. All of us have plenty of talent but it’s really exciting seeing the personal touches we give to our lil models. Friné a bannerman to a stock model toa squad!!!Name:  443F9AD8-AED7-422D-8538-2A112B831A6B.jpeg
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Size:  1.08 MBName:  A83B3141-D62D-41B7-80EB-ACA3FE018E3A.jpeg
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    Epic work so far on these guys, really like the shading of the skin tone

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    Brilliant skin tones on the Genestealers, and that Nurgle unit is incredible mate

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    Thanks CC your the goods brutha!!!
    HENDARION -my dude what’s up !!! You KNOW I’m a huge fan of your work and your talent to paint small models. Truly beutiful work- i thank you so much for the praise!!!

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    Default A bit more work

    Here is slow movemt on the genies - really beutifuk sculpts and a very versatilekit.Name:  4281D41E-94C8-4CE3-8838-221C87C5F753.jpeg
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Size:  1.84 MBName:  18045FAE-F727-4CD0-A48A-ECEDC4699D59.jpeg
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Size:  1.42 MBName:  4E817D09-7D0C-4348-800F-6C2F8DF7E94E.jpeg
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Size:  1.66 MBName:  5904AEF8-F7FA-4064-B277-85FDED9F3F6B.jpeg
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    Amazing shading on the skin! Taking longer view on the head makes we imagine the pulse of this creature showing off ^^

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    Thanks a bunch guys!!!

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    Rember gents To V O T E - on the “garden of Eden” the nurgle herald trio. I need 50 votes and if you can leave a comment that’d be great.

    Heres rhe link below

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    Btw gents remember that massive collection I had a client cash in on- we’ll look at these gems as I approach the second batch 11 to go including these beauties Name:  12408724-217D-499F-92D7-8162B8381EAE.jpg
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