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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    well done BAM. its an impressive load of minis when you see them all side by side like that. must be even greater in the flesh.
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    Pictures on a camera from Jannie !!!Name:  09276370-904F-4426-B081-6F59F00F1ED7.jpeg
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    Very nice ! they give a good aggressive and warlike look. I'm looking forward to see the final result, with basing done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotebreaks View Post
    well done BAM. its an impressive load of minis when you see them all side by side like that. must be even greater in the flesh.
    Hehe, he said "impressive load"
    Seriously though, fantastic painting all around on these guys!

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    Those Barbarians are looking fantastic.

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    Never even saw this piece from Tyler MENGAL about my genestealer aberants-

    Name:  D3CA3986-4E22-423D-9597-BF10A83ED475.jpeg
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    Another evidence, that you're our celebrity here BaM :-)

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    Graishak -IT IS another big name in the craft that feels the same way about my models that I do - what I call true validation !!! And I had never saw this before guys a hero of mine Somebody that I aspired to be like. All while having no idea where I’d end up from when I started.!!! Now that’s something special. ;
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    I really like the one in the black bathing suit. Free from all the usual blood & crud.

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    Why oh why did I know that was coming Lololololol

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    Hehe, now we know what BAM is looking up online if he is getting those kind of targeted adverts in his browser. I guess that is to get sunlight/shadows on skin for painting reference??

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    Wellll i nevvvvver !!! ........

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    Really nice work, they look great together like that.
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    Awesome work on the barbarian warband BAM - really comig together now....can't be too far off other than basing I imagine?

    Pass on my compliments to Janet as well....beautifully lit, balanced photography as always....just makes those already awesome minis shine.

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    Thanks everybody-
    lolol actually hairster not yet I still have 2 more figures that make up the core 9 so I’ll be starting hen today. I’m doing a smaller project with a certain base scheme as a test for the 9 bases for these gents. It’s be a forest and ruins theme . So much going on but soon enough mate.

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    So along the lines with a bit more baseline to go here’s my example of a moss coverd outcrop .Name:  48E70CC1-D28B-4E1A-BB4A-8220DC213972.jpg
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Size:  1.77 MBName:  A2E1BFE1-BD90-4A11-8AA0-A81E73FBD826.jpeg
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Size:  1.80 MB As I begin my last two untamed I’m going to live painting this wolf thing.
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    Base looks cool. What figure is that? It sure isn't one of the untamed

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    That warband is crazy good! Like the review pointed out with your gene stealer aberrants (congrats on being featured, btw!), I really like the desaturation you give your minis. Gives them a nice touch of realism.

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    Here’s is the start of the 8/9nth mini!!!Name:  28579498-E4DB-4807-86BF-9AF4E9F98FD8.jpeg
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Size:  1.17 MBName:  6B24810D-824C-46A4-ABEA-7A3CA61D957E.jpeg
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    Beautiful work BaM, the moss covered base looks cool and as usual the model looks amazing. I'm very interested to see where you take that lion though!

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