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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Pffftt those marines are spectacular!!! Unique style and just fucked up, that is what a marine should look like!!

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    Your bluish necron is incredible. Vibrant color in combination with rust and your professional "used look". Love it!

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    Newest work up on coolminiornot -NECRON UNDYING .

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    Somehow missed this Necron you painted up.....looks great! Love all the BAMiness done to it!

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    Default Thanks so much

    Huge thanks Eki !!!!

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    Voted & comment left :-)

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    Checking in to say

    I AM A L I V E ! ! !

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    Good to know. Looks like you're busy with other things :-)

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    Yay! How's the writing/painting for FigureMentors going?

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    Your inquisitor group looks epic, your painting style suits well with these space marines, I like it! Your necron is very pleasant to look at as well.

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    was expecting 20-30 minis painted here since I last checked in, disappointed!

    really like the marines, very cool and special style that suits the minis very well
    ...keep talking
    Forever remains


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    Thanks so much everyone . Still alive and kicking. I know that jay Martin is a bit busy at the moment doing many things. So I just continue to send in my tutorials etc. he also will show me how to download my tutorials myself but again he’s got backed up . I told him not to worry and take his time. Might be a bit getting what I sent him to go up on the website.

    Skells lol yeah I’m slipping a bit. These guys are draining me but I have some pics of what their looking like.
    Name:  966C953E-4584-4C8F-AB56-1A9C534BAC3A.jpeg
Views: 142
Size:  267.3 KBName:  4A5D3BAC-6158-44E1-B7CB-586D427391D8.jpeg
Views: 139
Size:  271.4 KB The base idea was inspired by the way the cityscape looked in I am legend.

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    And some other shots ala phone camera lol

    Name:  6072E387-DBC1-419B-B692-B2B10F8F05A9.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  897.9 KBName:  D354A4D5-A3F5-4B08-A88C-BF03D22E365E.jpg
Views: 139
Size:  792.5 KBName:  DE130C6F-DBF9-4666-B23A-BB93986E5542.jpg
Views: 137
Size:  851.6 KBName:  CCCB1BA6-D60A-4FF7-88C9-0E7446AEF369.jpg
Views: 134
Size:  906.0 KBName:  11904380-AA8C-4B94-B05F-59D01B4684F2.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  925.6 KBName:  6F1C6883-51B6-497B-8972-69A372D78E45.jpg
Views: 135
Size:  892.4 KBName:  2EE007F4-9E1B-47BE-AFE6-71D0CB2753E3.jpeg
Views: 135
Size:  1.36 MBName:  F2F3FF60-B2B7-4FF9-9AD9-1BDE1E00A3CD.jpg
Views: 135
Size:  769.9 KBHere’s some diff lighting

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    Phenomenal work! I love all these details, this is stunning!

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    Stunning work BaM. I love what you did with that space marine's shield, the marbled bone coloring looks amazing.
    So good!

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    Like I said before these look amazing! Still love that one you painted invisible

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    This is definitely a stunning looking crowd!

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    Love how you’re using the blue to tie together this motley crew. Beautiful work, my man.

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    Amazing work. The battle damage is superb.

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