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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    I threw you a vote and comment for the frankly sensational Warcry squad... just beautiful, intricate work BAM. I'm in love with that flocked moss technique as well...such a great contrast to the minis.

    Gonna set you in good stead at GD Adepticon bud, best of luck. There's quite a group of the top UK painters travelling by the sounds of it along with a friend of mine who does the SprueReview youtube podcast. Great to have GD back in the US

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    Voted! They look beyond awesome. Excellent work , well done
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Thanks so much HAIRSTER means a lot -yeah there’s a joke Caleb wisenback tells that he should enter the UK golden demon . He would have a better chance than this coming GD!!! Lolol

    thanks coyote -

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    Great job on the mossy bases...but looks like you need more flock.

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    Yessss ma’am !!!)))

    we sent it out ots in ots way!!!

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    So how are your project(s) for Adepticon coming along?

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    All ready to go with so,e help added on from David Powell and skellete and hairster- my triumvirate !!!
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    The marching order is as follows :

    AoS unit
    Name:  78C85F7A-3AED-47EF-8926-167F932968D7.jpeg
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Size:  1.01 MB

    Warhammer40k squad
    Name:  B54B2480-D86A-4322-B3EB-DFE22CC7E67E.jpeg
Views: 220
Size:  821.3 KB

    Open competition
    grot amvition convoy
    Name:  A75BB1CA-F754-4553-B81F-6C26CFC810C6.jpeg
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Size:  910.7 KB

    And a a few other trick up my short sleeves.

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    Default thanks

    thanks for sharing, very interesting jubilaciones

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    Great picks, man. Definitely a tough choice, given how many excellent units you have, but these are exceptional.

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    cool great set of minis. the WH40k squad look right good
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Awesome stuff (glad I got to see all or most of that in person, there are a couple pieces I don't remember in the BB group). Best of luck at Adepticon, wish I could make it to experience it all.

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    I love seeing all this work laid out together in one spot. So much eye candy!

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    i think you have a great shot at a demon or two squad/reg are my favorite categories so this is very exciting to see

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    You Sir....are the king of weathering, pox and pustules.

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    Thank you all your the best- skells thank you so MUCH
    JOJO!!!!! You are the goods kid!!!

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    Your contributions look just awesome!!!
    The result of hard work flavoured with a lot of passion.
    By when do you know how they scored?

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    Just been looking at the last pics of your Gellerpox. Obviously I’ve seen them before but this time I really looked. Interesting to see all the multiple layers add up to a whole. See where one ends and the other begins, where one is placed over the other. All to result in something amazing. I really do mean this as a positive in that you are proof you don’t need to be the most technically proficient painter to achieve results equal to those who are. Just find a style that suits your painting. Stuff everyone who tells you otherwise.

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    I totally agree with this above post by our dear bullfrog!!! I’ve done very well in competitive painting due to 2 things 1st it’s basically what jo said. Find a style that fits what you love to do . This comes from trying to emulate what some of your favorite artists are doing and a ton of painting to refine this. Now , the other piece of the puzzle is - find a miniature that beat suits that style. And guys ask questions I’m always harassing baily,Skelette ,Hairster (who have always been super helpful) and they’ll help fill in gaps that arise from all that painting your doing .
    Special thanks to Jo (thanks jo your da best my dear)!!!

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