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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Awesome chaos marines! Ribcage armor looks great!

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    hmmm, does it matter which brand ink you use or will any get the same effect with the BFTBG tech paint?

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    No Tamaya clear can do it - I like the BFOK due to its viscosity . It’s thick and had an additive some kid of clear agent in it so when mixed it stays like a clear liquid and a blood component (the red part) it makes for an interesting rather tealistic effect. I just found out a huge compliment that Matt DiPietro says he speaks very highly of me when my name and work is brought up. Coming from one i the greatest figure painters in the world. I’m stoked -it’s like volomir x10. My work is very polarized!!! Either folks like it or hate it. When a man like that likes it that’s a win all around. Thank you Mattie do pietro!!!’

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    Moving slow but here’s a progress report!!!!Name:  FBCFD27F-EF4B-451B-8EE3-5ED89F3FC719.jpg
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    Damn !!!! This stuff is looking really good mate

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    Come on, no one lets their bike get that grubby! That is just plain disrespectful to the bike! oh, wait, I guess my dirt bike did look kind of shabby... They are cool looking though

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    Wait for it wait for it....Name:  7FB6CA4E-F967-4E0F-A10F-25750CA4FD1F.jpeg
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Size:  1.87 MBName:  D15E70AB-007A-475D-B7D6-BE873F68022D.jpeg
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Size:  1.58 MBName:  3CFB9305-DDA3-47CD-A72F-A4F2432ACCB8.jpeg
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Size:  1.75 MBstarted with the sired mud tires first !!!! Good night.
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    Those are looking great. There's certainly an aesthetic that is identifiable as yours. Even as I look through P&P, I always know when I see something you've painted before I see the author listed. Keep it coming, man. I know I enjoy seeing what you do, and trying to figure out how you do it.

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    I love the fleshy texture on the chaos dude and this awesome weathering of bikes

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    Morning / noon update:Name:  84DC8129-F1DE-4396-A418-FC4BF31DBE7B.jpg
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Size:  746.7 KBName:  B9772A6A-CBB2-4F0C-8F47-BAC1366C3070.jpg
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    Love the heavy grime on the tires. It really gives these bikes a sense of place. Good storytelling.

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    Thanks muchos toadie. This is the work done on the clawed fiend -or THHHE THHHIING WIIITH THEE CLAAAW” or it came from the claws!” That my homage to b horror films of the 50sName:  A3C5C9BC-1E48-4AA1-9D8F-1177D492FB7D.jpeg
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Size:  1.36 MByessir the machine is cranking out two more units for nova. One a 3 man one a 5 man (I’m soooo looking forward to that quad from tre Atalan riders set!! Stay away tuned .

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    Those bike are really coming together. Good to see you continuing to knock minis out!

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    Thanks krule the finished product in my head is going to take NOVA by a storm of glass shards Nd Kim Bowie knives!!!!!

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    Come join us on Instagram! You will be a star! Plus every single painters are there!

    I like the close up shot.

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    Nice job on all of these! And if you make it a sand base, you can call him Sandy Claws
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    That claw marine is clawesome....I'll show myself out

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    Jaw dropping work! Those bikes look great. And the chaos marines too. I like the guy with the teeth in his hand!?!

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    Lolololol see every time I set it up my stalwart band of affiliates NEVER fail me with the pun!!! Love you guys. HAPPY EASYER. For you religious folks like myself -it’s about resurrection of the Christ not chocante bunnies . Don’t forget the face of your father. All non religious folks -I love you guys as well. We’re all friends anyway.

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    A better look in daylight some blood has been been applied in a somewhat of controlled manner-after all its not a blade but more of an impact and crush type injury when these former humans run you down with their mobile rams.Name:  5B702C51-E7AC-4E49-A8DD-01D9B168EBC8.jpeg
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