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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Awesome BaM! Tones are excellent as usual

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    I haven’t even seen these figures before, but they look awesome!!! And with the BAM touch, they are becoming out of control good!!!

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    Thanks foxy and CC - golden!!!
    early morn shot Name:  9AFBC984-8645-4E78-9970-F15976141147.jpeg
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    Chevrons on the piping of their heads!!!Name:  CDE4263C-A0DE-45AA-B62C-A6E88E1F557E.jpg
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    You making the one a Punk Rocker with the neon green hair? Looking great at this stage

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    Movement in progression!!!Name:  3A99363A-E644-4FD8-BB28-4BE0E09E0405.jpg
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    Looking really cool BaM! The sculpt s are crazy cool.

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    Disgustingly beautiful as ever BaM. Awesome colour use

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    Great conversions!!!

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    The tricks of painting imo is finish what you start- like for example this rouge trader box set the gellerwlkaers were in my eyes the greatest minis that ever were created- UNTIL THE BLACKSTONE FOTTRESS AND A BILLION OTHER THINGS ÑEALED ONTO THE WARHAMMER COMMUNITY ON LIne.
    Now don’t think for one minute I want to say FERK THESE GUYS IM HONNA GO PAINT ME THE FORTRESS UNITS-
    NO-....DONT YOU DARE-shame in me. I will finish the tofu trader and then depending what other super Ferkin GW stuff is out then I’ll hit the fortress.
    Name:  EF1AF72F-65BB-486E-8505-03F119F5615B.jpg
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    Couldnt agree more, gw really make life difficult nowdays. I try to find "my" gang for necromunda but as soon as I decide another one pops up youre lucky to paint that bloody fast/much though, its harder for us mortals that produce one mini a month. Looks bloody good man!

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    Hahaha skells GW is killing us...thanks so much on stopping by bud. Always means the world. YeAh I paint so often it helps with turn out rate. I paint everything I can get my hands on- including those dreadfully long sessions dedicated comm. but hey practice practice practice for me. Again thanks so so much !!!

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    It is the ugly truth, that GW is releasing nice minis in much higher speed most of us are able to catch up...
    I bought this week the battletome of Nighthaunt... detecting that there is a ton of minis, which I'd like to have... AARRGGHHH.
    Deepest respect for BaM - you're producing display minis in an incredible speed! :-)

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    Sigh so many minis and so many choices they have the hype train at a constant! lovely work Bam

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    Have to agree on the GW front, past few years I haven't wanted that much from them but there's a lot of cool stuff coming out now

    I have no idea what these guys are bam but they look great

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    I agree I think I have a love/hate relationship with GW now (I hate them and they love to take my money)! I just picked up the Speed Freaks box the other day and need to get those vehicles put together and start painting them. That is some incredible work you do here!

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    Ending shots !!!Name:  1546E979-DF4B-4061-B446-9050CF1F9BA4.jpg
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    Looking really good mate... nice and filthy

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    Guys really quick post to show how easy it is to increase ones skillset just by doing what we all love so much-painting!!!these are comparisons of my abberants from 2017 and the newest most current paintjob showing my abberants from tooth and claw boxed set in 2018.look at the similarities in color and other things but overall you’ll see the quality has changed at least in my opinion.Name:  56896141-4E96-4583-9E26-C0C4471CE70B.jpeg
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Size:  83.8 KBName:  775B737F-A114-43BF-82D3-0D5F03566912.jpeg
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