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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Thanks CY- good to see you back.

    Yeah in a a bit more progress I’ll have super Jannie use her very expensive jewelry cannon and lihhtbox to get some really nice photos. These are kinda a quick way for me to keep rrack for myself as to how my models are progressing. Works really good for me . I advocate everybody take lots and lotsa photos at each stage of our painting with diff lighting and ambiance so one can get a proper idea if things are up to par.
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    Parting shot it may not look it but a ton of work was done today!!!! Name:  AD7C15BA-88B1-46A1-8C36-E4686F88232B.jpg
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    More progress I’m creeping like a creeper today quite a bit of things on my schedule -hopefully I can get back and continue.Name:  BF3ECA9E-EAE1-448F-B8B7-DBC22E835F21.jpeg
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    The big boi is suitably grotesque. Disgusting green drool everywhere and looks right at home next to the necron faced dudes.

    A proper one-man acapella group.

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    Yeah they are looking top notch. What kit does that big guy come from? Wait, don't tell me or I will probably run out and buy it, which I really don't need to do

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    Default Thanks foxy

    Thanks foxy Me Bruddah.Once done together they’ll make a huuuge impression. The trick get the viewer lost in a see of sickness and awesome!!! It’s all the the end results.

    i know eki but I have to say it now just to appease the part of you that will eventually curse me. It’s -“Rogutrader- for killteam- I think it’s 120.-150 or so US dollars. Now go sell you , your home and your first born on the black market and -“GO BUY IT!!!”lol

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    Ok here’s the parting shot but it might look like the other parting shot . It’s more for me each stage I do ... so enjoy it not here it is , def won’t be salary: gnight.Name:  7AECDFC9-B4DE-40BB-80A0-80976D98FE7E.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    i know eki but I have to say it now just to appease the part of you that will eventually curse me. It’s -“Rogutrader- for killteam- I think it’s 120.-150 or so US dollars. Now go sell you , your home and your first born on the black market and -“GO BUY IT!!!”lol
    Actually, I looked at that one when it came out and there was more stuff that I didn't really care for so I passed on it. I guess I missed seeing this guy, but really that would be the only one I reallllly want out of the box. So quite surprisingly I will be able to defeat my lack of willpower and not buy this one..... I think

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    Well these are rather, I mean excellent execution BAM!

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    The big guy just escaped from a horror movie. Disgusting mini, but pro-painted :-)

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    Here’s the end of today’s/night Name:  6A7F1F5F-C501-4F01-A469-A349212BB5B5.jpeg
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    Just looking at Mr. Corpulent bitey belly reminds me of the last few weeks with his sickly green vomit. The gloss varnish on the mouths makes him look all the more realistic.

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    Mate, that vomit is off the rails... so good and disgusting all wrapped up into one

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    Yessir JOanne!!! My favorite forumer and amazingly tough as nails friend
    i always believe in the 5 layers of contrast- 1) dark/ light 2)warm/ cool 3) complimentary colors 4) textures 5) GLOSS/ MATTE.
    This is why I never varnish display pieces-first off it kills the intensity of the color. Secondly : it gives me everything matted and then I get the contrast by adding in my glossy bits. It makes a huge difference in the end if you have as many of the layers as you can. Hopefully all of them.

    Chaotic C - thanksmatey . Yes yes ya ya I’ll say it over and over always to remind my friends I’m an effects painter. It’s how I’m able compete with all those Amazingly talented and technically gifted painters. Everyone notices I don’t adhere to things like crisp (3toned gradients). However if you use the layers of contrast it ends up looking close. Tricks the eye if you will. Gives contrast through all other than gradients and smooth blends .
    Effects / realism and deep global shading is my style . There you have it.

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    Gross looking stuff as always, dude!
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    Frontal Right arm work today- not close to evened up but in more of the realm Name:  D8331F19-A5EC-49BD-8848-B9DDFA66EC70.jpg
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    Tonight is the “test phase” see how it comes out in jannies pics. Either their fine or their not. So here’s more work done on the upper from my quadrant of this larger/than normal for me model:-/ . And he’s always with the group - Name:  8B39987A-434E-4B90-BDDE-B3D9229E806C.jpg
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    Coming along nicely buddy! If I didn’t already have enough to paint, the big guy with a fly-arm from this set would entice me.

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    Here is where I’m stopping today two light sources - one in the studio room (my living room :-/ lol) and the second Janet’s awesome cannon - nothing but those. As is .Name:  A045664A-C295-4B60-AD18-F7B8DFB8A1E6.jpg
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Size:  699.3 KB!!! Tomorrow more of this , my grot tank , commissions for Jannie. And my goblins. Sorry again a tad bit washed out asthis light booth is set up 4lights : 1light for jewelry -this set up helps capture the highly reflective and super lustrous shine that polished silver exhibits.
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    Default Almost forgot

    I didn’t get a chance to have jan snap em but here’s further work on my grot tank.Name:  86359B3D-6A9A-4644-9716-6ECC45BD9A65.jpeg
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