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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Here’s some leather etc. Name:  D87A1B91-A85C-48B5-92E5-D8A9F1286E5C.jpg
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    And natural light from a huge window in the studio directly to my left. It helps me use an even more sincere lightspurce . David Powell always said-first iffhes said and done many things with always myself and others excelling in the art of miniature painting, and life in general. He said”paint and look at your models throughout the painting process with diff lighting. Eg I’ll paint by my ottlight and then after an hour I’ll shut it off,lower the intensity of the bulb , open a window , take a view your models in pictures (Janet has saved my model many a time do to me catching mistakes that her photos have caught. So today is a giew from the daylightZName:  92B9F98B-45FE-4DFB-B330-776D67B74952.jpg
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    And the last update with the last lighting using Janet’s many talents one of them being photography and her and her trusty light box.
    2 configurations and then two at a time photos. Name:  2C3019B2-0A9C-4AA4-85F7-657CE6FF79EF.jpeg
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    Ide say another month or 2.

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    Another update for the records-Name:  E77F3384-4078-4B89-ABEB-6E382732F58A.jpeg
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    Those bikes are a piece of work Bam, excellent weathering as always.

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    These guys must have been on the set for the last "Mad Max" movie :-)
    Excellent work. Looking forward to see, how you're going to round it up with the base design.

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    A suggestion - have a head (not just a skull) on the base and attach some fine fiber to the tire and downtube of the bike to make it look like it ran over someone's head and hair is stuck to the bike. And to really sell it add a little "dirt" to the riders at least legs as they are going to get some of that spray kicking up on them from the tires - kind of like this:

    They are looking amazing though. So much better than the original GW paint up of them

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    Flo tjsts actually an amazing idea I will look up some things and see if I can pull it off. Remember BaM isn’t the greatest artist like some of these guys . I wish I could see thru halls the ideas my copsibters suggested. However I like that slot and will see if I can break the chicken barrier and pull it off.
    awesome idea!!!
    on the dirt end it’s going have it caked up on the underside as well as splatter effects to the peer legs.This I’ll do strangely in the order after i fasten y hem to the Lil dio bases. I notice the picture has a bit of dry and wet though I’m goin strictly dried and caked up . So theylll def be kick up and backsolash however I am going with the dried look. It’s some thing I fell in love with at MFCA. Only thing now is to have janet find the pic as I was fully stored on my phone with too manypicts(imagine that me too many) I cleared my phone:-/ .
    the head idea now that’s something I’m def going to give it my best.
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    Default Into to the arms and boots.

    Name:  B7CAE06A-A3E0-4152-9C31-E177CC333B49.jpeg
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Size:  1.58 MBThese are the fucking wild bunch!!!

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    Johnny #1 entry log forthis morning . Tons of pictures tons of blown up pictures that is and constant tidying up as I go. Hopefully I’ll be satisfied by the Time nova rolls here’s the pictures of early morn till now.the key -when tired and mentally brain drained that’s when you consustanly make one self aware not to rush ,stay the course-keep a log of everything you want to finish in the day ahead-Name:  4397E743-6A42-42AF-881C-9C8DC7AFFEF4.jpeg
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Size:  1.43 MBName:  A395C9FE-1009-439B-A207-C8EE467AF08B.jpeg
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    These are just awesome. I like that hook weapon the one guy has. That is a unique look I haven’t seen on similar sculpts.

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    VROOOOM VROOOOM SOME PIPEING AND CABLE / wire work done-man those bumblebees are tiny (oh I forgot -miniature painting).
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    Get down to some headlights hopefully finish off the neatened up steel and a tad corroded shoulder lights ( my former mines are along the lines of grabbing whatever they can which are old non functional former mining tools. I def do t see these guys as the showering type. He’ll they might have mutated all their sweat glands into alien secretion pheromone. Who knows.

    Hahaha ( low ominous laugh)
    only the shadow knows.

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    Stricknine this is Cyanide over...
    Always stunning to watch your progress. At first I tend to think "What a hell of a mess" but then watchning it develop it turns out great. I'm way too scary to go fully weathered, always afraid to screw everything up and I'm way to impatient to fix it over and over again xD

    The guys look great! Love how the faces pop out. Not necessarily just by contrast/light but also by weathering (the only part that's somehow "clean ish") xD

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    Lololol believe u me mate- I say it all too often “John it’s only a mess for now, no John don’t put it under your foot and yell Geronimo !!! Johhhn ..think of janet !!!...””” Lolol all tooogyen mate. I have an old dying most folks heard it before. I say to my self all the way up to the fianal brushstroke !”” Then t that point I could then decide if I love it or hate it.

    Thanks cy - strik over and out!!!!

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    @Cyanide(Matey) hey bud gr8 catch on the headband faces. Everyone knows when setting out to gain contrast on partsof the model I always preach the layers of contrast and how I try to achieve 5 layers that will add to getting the most contrast in my models and all things 28 mm. I try to include using all layers in my projects when I paint these guys up. So one way is haveing texture versus non texture . Besides going through the light/ dark contrast if putting lightest colors in the heads and faces as iits the focal point but I’ve cosen smoother work on the flesh against the te tires everywhere around the other parts. I’ve also carried this over to the pants- the pants have little texture against the frame of the bike which has a lot. So you can clearly see and discern the pants not getting lost which would have happened if i heavily te tired the pants !!!!

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    Every rider secured - tomorrow real pics ala Janet Name:  B529FA3C-667F-4F97-A092-A16EB6F3EAB7.jpeg
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    These look fantastic BaM, the layering is awesome. There is so much going on, yet the overall look holds together really well.
    Can't wait for Janet's photos!

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    I just finished my underside and mud ,grass/ mud splatter and finished s lighter coat on the wheels. We’re now on the quad and the stowage packs- these guys are totally unending. pictures coming in bout an hour.

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    Default Insane pictures via the girl of my life.

    I live my baby cause she’s compassionate , Uber talented, and just plain awesome- really beutiful to Look at top-

    Name:  E58AD8A4-B41A-4670-8E3A-CA241788D5C0.jpeg
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Size:  1.54 MBName:  97A28F7F-8627-4BFA-BC7A-CAF98AB449F7.jpeg
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Size:  1.57 MBTwo diff configurations.

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