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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Tarting working on the blending of the gold visor- Name:  6FBF6F45-86B3-485E-87BB-E8C1247C92C0.jpg
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    Janet’s photos of what the bad boys of the forgotten mines are about. Inside out upside down..Name:  F1C7820C-C4D7-4D4B-9BB1-CE22A448076C.jpeg
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    That quad biker is a cool addition. Keep pumping them out BAM.

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    That bike squad is awesome BAM! WTG!


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    Mid morn to afternoon update with natural daylight in addition to the overhead lighting throughout the room.Name:  5940D484-289B-4696-967D-5EC9C146B476.jpeg
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    Finished up the massive calibre bushmaster chain gun- at least it reminds me of one.:-) . Here the obscured details without the driver/ last photo with the driver.Name:  367601AA-1120-4134-BB07-87ECD33181D2.jpg
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    Great work on these, I really like the moon man on the quad! Hmm, I think the gun looks more like a M1919 Browning .30Cal

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    LOLOL yeah what Eki said a browning so and so so and so M90 whatever so and so yeahhhhh!!!!!lololol
    thanks eki. Btw you heading on over to nova.

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    Love that gold glass on the moon man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Btw you heading on over to nova.
    You betcha!

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    Cool cool I’ll be sure to get your number so we can catch up.
    you beinging anythung goody goody to compete ?
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    For sure, I have classes pretty much every day (except for maybe Sunday). Yeah, I will be bringing some of my figures, but since I am still relatively new to this painting bit I am just going to submit at the amateur level. I just need to figure out how I am going to base the two superhero figures so I can bring those to it. But will probably try to get something else done up as well.

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    Ohhhhh myyyy that’s awesome buddy can’t wait to see what you got bud. I’m sure your gonna do well Eki- after all your one of us the fabulous forumers!!!

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    Loving the black/yellow stripes on the quad + gun!!!

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    Eh thanks Graishak- there actually on every model in varying degrees. It’s another way I tie the models together plus it helps to add further contest to the blue greys on the riders .

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    Great job on these, man! I think the stripping on the other models is less pronounced, as there is less real estate to see the pattern on? The quad is my favorite out of the group; and the moon-man with a "monkey wrench" adds some whimsy to them.

    Keep it coming!

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    Stowage bags on. 1on each side of the bikers. The turret gun is also on the quad. Basically touch ups and odds and ends on the bikers and then it’s on to finishing up the quads rider . Then my favorite part -bases ,bases,bases. Name:  14EC5E97-FB8C-49C0-97B7-DE7015B2E83E.jpeg
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    Default Annnnnd the group shot

    The group shot of the group-“the sons of BaM”!
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    Really nice looking group, but shouldn't it be "Sons of BaMarchy"?

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