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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    W00p w00p! Contratulations! Ah, 45, that's in my not too far future as well. So with that in mind, go nuts and:

    Name:  o4ts0YX.gif
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    Have a good one, mate!
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    Happy Birthday BAM! I'll be there in a year and a half as well.

    Cool to see your take on those Inceptors...looking really super high contrast shiny one has hit stop for the moment while I play with the cultist.

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    Name:  B7F22DEC-C9C6-45E4-A9F3-288A143B53C9.jpg
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Size:  1.10 MBName:  4F80DB3E-3352-47BB-9DB1-0145560287D8.jpg
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Size:  1.00 MBThanks Meph. Thanks so much hairster I love miniature painting for the sole resin of sooo many great artists with their own take on things it really is super motivating mate. Same here I have so many projects right now that by the time the abberants come out ( my crystal brush pick for this years entry of mine ) if I haven’t finished things than it’s backburner for everything !!! By the lives yours as well!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME -I’m 45 today!!!!
    Happy birthday BaM! So you count 5 years more than me. Nowadays we need to be careful with too much drinks... therefore we select the better stuff and enjoy smaller portions :-)
    Enjoy, whatever you're doing today!

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    Happy birthday to one of my favorite painters.

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    That big Abberant mini is proper bad ass....def added to the never ending list. Not a big fan of that colour scheme that GW have picked for the standard aberrant though...pretty sure your take will be far more to my taste BAM

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    Happy birthday mate!!!

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    Thanks so much to all of you-Krule,MaMs, hairster, foxy, and CC!!! I’ll never forget any of you!!! My extended familglia !!!!!

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    Happy birthday! I hope you've recovered from whatever celebration took place!

    The interceptors look great. Quite unlike most other marines.

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    Happy birthday man have a good one
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    Aw snap, happy birthday Blood.

    Looking forward to seeing some crusty marines.

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    Abberant in single -rogue trader burgles are now in my first choice for competition !!!! Oh well gonna have to learn how to paint nurgles ;)

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    That genestealer abominant is going to be a must-have I think. I’m already eyeing up options on eBay!

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    The aberrant and those nurglies coming soon are def going into a unit so I’m def going for broke on payday getting these!!!! Who needs groceries.

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    That paint along I’m looking forward too at least their thick and don’t break off their arms and hands while trying to glue em together. I hay flimsy models. Really very unattractive . Raven if their looking good. My fear is painting models like that when transporting them they break and even a small break in one model destroys my chances for competing.Name:  1BE99D45-E372-426B-A28D-11A9D508CC49.jpeg
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Size:  1.71 MBName:  B8EB333B-0163-4B9A-95E8-FDCFCAD83CD7.jpeg
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    Moré updates same progression diff light source in the room. Name:  93A04988-BC96-45F0-944B-0F2BFF8F728C.jpg
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Size:  884.8 KBName:  72D6A20F-EBF4-4494-8743-22D3BE96BF26.jpeg
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    You’ve built up a nice amount of contrast on these guys John. In some of the older pictures they were looking a tad washed out.

    Love your weathered space marines.

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