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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Radical! Great job on the muck, so much character.
    The photos themselves are, as usual, superb.

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    good luck to all golden demon competitors !!!!

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    Love those Sons of BAM!!! The mud is so realistic and in scale, just amazing. Now, please put them all in one dio?


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    Its really nice to see some more updates on the bikers, BAM. The weathering is really fantastic as always and I love how dynamic they all look together. Pulling them all together in a diorama or just with the basing is really going to make these guys look sharp. Can't wait to see more updates!

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    In other news GOLDEN DEMON COMING BSCK TO THE STSTES CHICAGO 2020 they secured their slot at aseptikon.

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    Sounds awesome, now if only I can level up several hundred levels and get out to Chicago next year I will be set

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    Name:  C478EE5F-D8F7-4B6E-A978-7D08B3CBF0B3.jpg
Views: 171
Size:  933.4 KBSo I will keep pushing forward for nova- GOLDEN DEMIN WILL most likely be me picking 3-4 categories of my best work that is already done . Very excited but I also keep establishing projects that were close to being finished as another way of having more entries in completion this way I can just pick and pack and be ready to go.

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    Been a while since I’ve dropped by mate... some damn fine work going on in here!!!! Mate, those bikers are crazy good... really mind blowing stuff, bravo!!!

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    Thanks CC at this moment I’m getting ready for two highly competitive and well known international mini painting exhibitions. 2 scrimmages.2 skirmishes , not 1 but 2 can life get any more exhilarating !!!!!

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    Default Few more works in the line of pipes!!!

    Name:  3A8C6925-9E13-4233-9A19-ABCC877DA435.jpeg
Views: 142
Size:  1.12 MBName:  805BB10E-C2A2-4667-BEDE-27347F6DC8CD.jpg
Views: 144
Size:  1.20 MBAnd another surprise I call “target squired!’n

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    Awesome work BAM as always. you really have the blood and scabs down. they all look real.


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    Update and new configuration that I’ll be most likely sticking with.Name:  66483810-96A6-4733-B65C-C3DA5B56BD4A.jpeg
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Size:  1.02 MB

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    Lookin good! I'm interested to see what you do with that helmeted guy.

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    Thanks buddy couple a days and he’ll be painted up . This is my routine which is a lot of paint establish a pattern take pics the refine over and over constant tidying up .all my projects look random ,chaotic, messy - until the last brushstroke and basing and I guarantee, you’ll not see this gritty war torn world anywhere else. Name:  47057F47-8E70-4A5A-9871-8DC8A671F450.jpg
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Size:  883.5 KBName:  850BC3D4-B9E9-4AC5-BE99-EF53B2350413.jpg
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Size:  849.9 KBName:  BEE2BF27-073B-46C5-8616-0EB169B37405.jpg
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Size:  865.4 KBName:  BBAB5A8C-5B96-450E-BC62-A44A11B3A96A.jpg
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Size:  894.9 KBName:  DD00512A-5234-476C-A0DD-386F5FD1A11C.jpg
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Size:  789.0 KBName:  A15EE41C-9254-42DC-A6AC-62DF6D98E7DA.jpeg
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Size:  1.50 MB

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    looking real gritty there bam! I always love your work with grime!


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    Still cranking out great stuff I see! I really dig the bikers. A bit of Mad Max dark future in the 40k universe. I remember you were working on those tanks the last time I was around. Finish them!

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    Ehh greg- what IS up!!!! Lol so glad your back. They’ll be ready for golden demon 2020!!! And I take you’ll be there too!!!

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