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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial BaM!
    SaintToad, your blog is turning into an awesome resource...

    And the Khorne mob is looking gloriously hideous already!

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    Great work on the Khornies! Also great tutorial you supplied StToad with!

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    Here we are the nights last update- Name:  E606A0E4-C2BE-4BA3-A845-132E1DDFD88B.jpeg
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Size:  1.16 MBName:  AA450A9A-A372-4D7E-82FA-A2D93232C06B.jpeg
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Size:  972.4 KBName:  52BC293E-269B-4CA9-BFE2-D4307BD7E073.jpeg
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Size:  1.15 MBName:  3A6BA14E-0ED8-41FF-A4EC-93D390F0ECEC.jpeg
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Size:  1.00 MBName:  3CBAEC6D-09F0-4CF7-9C4A-670445F8DFF0.jpeg
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Size:  1.05 MBOversized for all you old fogertys who need bifocals!!! See dint ever say I didn’t do anything for ya!!!

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    Still can't see them (I got really old eyes) Great work on them though!

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    lol pool I set that up perfectly -Eki fessed up to it- lolol meanwhile the kicker of it is I wear em too!!!! Lolololol

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    heck if I didn't wear magnifiers (or at least reading glasses) you might as well put a paint roller in my hand and ask me to paint the 28mm mini since it would look the same as if I tried it with a size 0 brush. And I am not going to get laughed at again by an instructor when I forget my glasses/magnifiers and they tell us to paint a face and I totally miss the face!

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    I feel you Eks. Hmmm laughed at by the instructor. Next time let me know who that prick was this way I can forget my glasses and when he says paint the face-true story I’ll stand up start to approach the front of the room take the biggest brush I can find dip it in black paint and start to do frenchstyle grandma whooses drawing alliver his face and say I’m painting faces!!!!

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    Nope, no names To be fair, I didn't realize that I needed reading glasses/magnifiers at the time so didn't have any and I really think they were laughing more at where I painted than that I needed glasses. It was when they asked us to paint the face and I bring the figure up and realized that it was just a barely perceived grey blur in front of me that I realized that damnit, I am old now... I honestly didn't know what I painted until I asked them. Surprisingly I did get part of the face, but mostly got the upper chest of the figure and I think some on the hair And really, I have embarrassed myself much worse than that in my lifetime

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    Lolololol I’ll tell you EKI it’s a pretty humorous tale . Lolll you painted the chest. Lolll ide love to see the model that you did that would be a classic. I’m glsd you still have wYs to see these smal models.

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    Let’s get an uodate up in this beeeyatch !!!
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    Name:  0EE7AAFD-2C60-4182-9A0A-8B3334D22D9F.jpeg
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Size:  1.07 MBHere’s my group of nonames and murderers . Filthy killers with no souls and will immediately slaughter without hesitation in the name of KHORNE -THE BLOOD GOD!!!

    Name:  0EE7AAFD-2C60-4182-9A0A-8B3334D22D9F.jpeg
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Size:  1.07 MBName:  1736852E-FD40-47F3-89E6-CA1D3E8FA0BB.jpeg
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Size:  935.9 KBName:  45F7E2F1-8465-44AA-955D-021D32A8BF2D.jpeg
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Size:  1.08 MBName:  B3C4F7F8-4CE7-46F4-AFBB-34749E74B126.jpeg
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    hmmm, bold choice to use large splotchy patches of red with no shading or highlights on that one fellow! It is avant garde artists like you pushing the envelope that make me want to be a better painter.
    Really like the bits of gore on them you got going.

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    Lol I do my best !!!! Lololol Eki.

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    If you can’t sleep then paint!!!

    Name:  3FB9C3D7-6C09-49CF-A25D-0E7C91B83936.jpeg
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Size:  408.0 KBName:  4BBC4C41-749B-4FA8-B9FB-7F52B2B73D42.jpeg
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Size:  386.2 KBName:  7C78ED1A-5B92-4063-8DD9-6F8AC23F1BE0.jpeg
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Size:  515.0 KBName:  C8B97E7A-E7E9-44D8-B5DE-4D361D03E6C0.jpeg
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Size:  370.9 KB And if you can’t paint ...THEN PAINT!!! You

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    Although I don't wish insomnia on anyone, you not sleeping is pretty bloody awesome. Red-mask guy is looking menacing over there!

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    Aweosme workflow on this guys! I wish I could paint while I'm sleepieng

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    Lolololol I call it “sleeppainting!!!” Lol
    thanks arks!!!
    thanks gorb!!!

    and now the oxidized bronze/ brass are applied to the metal areas
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    Dang, these new guys are classic BAM....AWESOME!

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    My favorite is definitely the barefoot, big beard hippy. Definitely the most fun to hang out with.

    Looking great! Each update pushes them higher. Love that bronze you’ve done.

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