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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Congrats John! I may have to buy my first White Dwarf now. Then I'll walk up to you at the CB cases, in front of everyone, and ask for your autograph.

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    Thanks coyote - that is weakness bud I’m glad you like the face- it’s the only part I’ll take up to white and it makes a huge diff. Very sparingly - every thing else is taken up to off white

    derek my boy- I’ll bring my MONT BLANC - only my finest for my dear friend- lololololol

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    UPDATE-Name:  91EC2DBC-2594-4625-9B26-B19D37D3F9C3.jpeg
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Size:  694.4 KBI think I like this model- it gave me a bit of trouble like the bilepiper - places hard to reach etc etc. But he’s well worth the money- out of all three I looove the piper best- the mouth guy I like as much as the fatty next to him. , I just am partial to the piper- I like all three paint jobs the same but as far as sculpts that piper holding the half dead heart that he’s blowing through is just an amazing sculpt!!!

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    The face has begun (mouth/nose thingie!!!) this model was taken in natural daylight- daylihhtdoesnt lie. Name:  4EFD2C79-E495-4AC2-B54A-95925C34F1DF.jpg
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Size:  1.18 MBStayed tuned sports fans-

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    Hell yeah... the teeth look sick !!!

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    Thanks so much CC (the most improved painter atm, hows that feel)

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    Dam John, not sure if you leveled up, but these guys are some of my favorite you have done.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Thanks so much guys- my newest thing is I take coms for jams friends so I’m been doing nothing but painting so 4 comes , digga your bust creeping but getting work done to it, and my own entries for CB and Novas capitoal palette so it quite possible I’ve levrled up - I totally agree diggs these are some of if not the best I’ve painted so far. hang in there diggs I’ll def get Er done and drilled and sent to you with the rod in place. Horner if I find a base I might just put it on the plinth as a thanks for being patient buddy. I might as well go the distance as you’ve been very understanding bud.

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    First and most important...that spread in WD is AWSEOME! Now which issue is it in, so I can buy it?

    now some thoughts from mister negative: when I looked at the trio on the previous page something just seems off to me on the bagpiper when juxtaposed with the other two. The middle guy has a nice line of highlight that directs your eye from the belly area to the face and then to the trophy pole. This latest guy has a similar highlight going on up to the mouth that you have just started finishing up. Whereas the bagpiper doesn't force me to focus on anything. i don't know why this bothers me. A B&W shot of the group doesn't tell me much, but does show me why the eye is attracted to the various area on the other two. Maybe add a bit more desaturated color on the piper to draw the eye to the head or jesters hat on the staff.

    Name:  IMG_1049.JPG
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    Theyare still some of your best work, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

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    No probs Krulebear I’ll always give feedback a thought than I’ll see if I agree and if I seem seeing it otherwise I’ll try to explain why I’ve chose that certain way.This is all true- but this is under diffused light from my kitchen hanging over my head towards most of it on the other two, could have something to do with. One thing to keep in mind is all models do have a face which we all go to immediately .some models(bagpiper) are extremely tough being his whole head is obscured by a hat , furthermore it hangs over his face . What I’ve done to draw it there is textures as opposed to highlights ( which can also be used as focal points) the black /white isn’t really a good indicator to showcase the whole middle of the model again it’s all in shadow you’ll see back grey on that whole section. For this model it’s a diff strategy used textures capped of by many harmony triangles. Again I always relate to figopedia “there are many tough models that artists paint that really don’t have a particular focal point . In most cases with these types of models you have to rely on other things to bring visual aesthetics to have a model and it’s readability. This is just one of those models. Honestly when I saw the GW paint job which I thought was amazing, my eyes went to the toungue and the heart. Always guys keep in mind I do all this painting thingamajig with a plan and with deliberate intent. I’m am always willing to share why ,how and when lol but any feedback I can always take into acct. it’s never seen otherwise my friend mr Krulebear.

    my big 62nd publication guys in white dwarf is the March issue!!!! Get yours today!!!
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    I figured you probably had a plan and the texture logic makes just go win a trophy! Lol

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    Lol yeah Krulebear it really is by far one of the trickiest models I’ve ever painted in my entire life and I’ve painted 1,226 models including that SOB NAGASH- which if Janet didn’t get mad at me for smashing models- let’s just say hed take the place of GIjoes on Fourth of July. B O O M !!!
    lol but regarding bagpiper it’s basically two models that are what I’ll call LINEAR HAMDSOME( straight lines of a lot of flesh user friendly to the eye) than courted by a nonLINEAR HANDSOME where he has not a lot of flesh on his face which on all sides is covered and shrouded by darkness ( even if I painted his face white) it still wouldn’t help.) just not designed as attractively as the other two.
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    So guys here’s the big mouth with a spotcoolor and if you look closely I’m going to tie three locations of this blue together using a harmony triangle you can see it on the quill n the medallion and it will have a third location set up on the parchment making a trianlge.Name:  E046AE4B-85FC-4996-A960-0365F076DF74.jpeg
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Size:  1.43 MB

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    How fitting that you are working on these guys during monstermarch!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Lololol every month of the year to me is monster March LOLOL with my affinity for most things green and choose ridden!!! LOLOL thanks zabby for always poking your head in !! Your always welcome!!! Classy mate!!!!

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    This shit just keeps getting better... this is crazy good.... I'm so looking forward to get painting with you again John. I've been browsing your stuff on P&P and your game has certainly upped over the last couple of years.... your pallet choice is always spot on.


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    My brother back again I’m so happy as I’m certain we all are for you to be back with us again for good. I know a piece of me was missing when you were but I just want you to know ..I get it.. I’ve been there before. That’s the last I’ll say brother and I’m glad your back David.
    update for the night
    Name:  C9108134-A596-4F8B-A42C-AE1FC842419C.jpg
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Size:  813.4 KBName:  F935CD9E-0170-4E02-8D1F-CF130B1A651D.jpg
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Size:  987.1 KBName:  0516D8F0-226E-4C29-9B96-10937A6E63DE.jpg
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    All three are great brother. I particularly like the giant mouth, every aspect of it seems to be coloured and textured brilliantly.

    Interesting hearing about painting theory from our resident guru, I’ll try and apply some of it in future! And WD is ordered!

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    Thanks Fox anytime mate I always appreciate people’s outlook ask said when I began learning how to elevate my skills David Powell really was a huge influence. He had me go a order that figopedia book- I said to myself anything and everything I learn in that book I’m not only gonna learn it but I’m ALWAYS GOING TO USE what I read from that fountain of knowledge. Now I’m not gonna lie the book to me was tough to understand at quite a few turns of the page. However David was allto happy to clear things up. At this point I wouldn’t say I’m a master at the book being there is so much still I’m focused on but what I did learn I use almost entirely in every model. That combined with the 5 layers of contrast seen me through at every comp.
    My favorite is still that piper , you like the mouth sombody else said the fat one - it’s amazing how subjective art can be eh!!!?

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