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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Always important guys to test for yourmodels at the beginning and throughout the painting process. So I’m testing the male cultists first and when I get to the point where the females are up to the same steps in the process. So here they are as of now the riders I have really done boo work on yet so they are a ways behind Name:  B3EBF8A9-4F5F-4A3B-87A7-D534E0A65A4B.jpeg
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Size:  1.50 MBName:  E97CD75C-2371-46DB-B64E-9A5646C8C701.jpeg
Views: 225
Size:  1.89 MBmy bikes themselves .

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    More work and the size up
    Name:  80929F4A-A237-402F-84DE-F0E35400CDED.jpeg
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Size:  1.64 MBName:  D0AA0932-6A32-43AE-BCBD-9A3EC41E9E1A.jpeg
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Size:  1.21 MBName:  719A4E83-FAEB-4BDD-AE2F-CE4AE5A47358.jpeg
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Size:  1.78 MBName:  79F41E2F-166B-4076-84B6-0CF74C777D6E.jpg
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    Dang those goggles look good. Very nice BAM.

    And I also agree that it is depressing how good Janet’s eyes turned out.

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    A quick size up with one of the sons of anarchy!!!Name:  B0882708-A38C-48B9-8815-4262D51B2D3C.jpg
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Size:  793.7 KBName:  60E662F2-BBD3-414C-B5F7-A99B8935DBA6.jpg
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Size:  824.3 KBName:  5BC1CECC-AB6D-43BA-95EB-280AD1A1C512.jpg
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    GSC bikers are looking great so far BAM...are you planning a diorama type scene with them? They's definitely lend themselves to some sort of rugged landscape scene with the squad cruising through it.

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    Ehhhh thanks Hair-truth is I haven’t decided if they’ll be each a small vignette or if they’ll all be part of a larger one shared by the Movement tray. Time will tell.however thank you you handsome devil.
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    Wow! How do I post new thread on this forum?

    I want to buy Modern Art game but can't find.

    Does CMON planning to reprint it?



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    Hello roñen - thanks mate. However I’m. Or sure what your looking for- we have some amazing moderators here- I usually call on mike(dragonsreach ) for questions about anything dealing with painting to games. Send him a PM he’s awesome.

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    Default Here is an update

    The biker sized up on his mobile battering ram- Name:  25F97B35-6AD1-4993-AE33-8CDEC7B8AD3B.jpg
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Size:  751.5 KBName:  D61A4CB0-899D-4BCD-8057-6612A15317AA.jpg
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Size:  712.1 KBName:  E058F4FE-014B-4548-A6B4-58B221A7A2A9.jpeg
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    great painting on the GSC dirt bike riders, but now that I look at them the boots seem like a weird sculpting for toe of the boot. It looks like it is a sandal with the toes showing more than a pair of close toed boots. AND what is that odd little green fellow?

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    Those bikers are looking phenomenal, BAM! The weathering is top-notch and they have a really strong personality. However you decide to put the bikers together is going to look fantastic. It is great to see your Gobbo on the front page this week as well!

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    Yo date biker Two!!!Name:  647977A8-349E-4078-BD6F-D86656361999.jpeg
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Size:  1.43 MBName:  5B31361B-F6D8-48A4-A9F5-4E16B9F1340E.jpeg
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Size:  1.49 MBName:  D13E02EC-57CB-44DF-BE96-B4B931EC70D7.jpeg
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Size:  1.34 MB This is what bikers look like in ol johnnys world of 40k.NOT THE KIND OF LADY YOU BRING HOME TO Mommy !!!
    well maybe some of you!!!!

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    Update of updates so far !!!Name:  0F745D7D-CB7A-42C0-A8D9-B6C8CFC32BF0.jpeg
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Size:  1.83 MBName:  97A8DF2B-AFF6-4034-8C2C-A09CF8E3B78F.jpeg
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Size:  1.87 MBName:  1EB27D88-6271-414D-B70A-D3BBE7DFD283.jpg
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Size:  731.6 KBName:  90FACB4A-3869-4721-B627-76CC0C8B9A31.jpeg
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    Working diligently -I put these up for you guys so youde come on page and vote for the loonboss.

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    Yeeeah I gotcha update rightere!!! Italian for heres my progress. We have quite a bit too.Name:  57D749B3-ED05-461E-843B-BB05EBE0D40D.jpeg
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Size:  1.35 MBName:  024486FD-4C65-4F08-805F-7CDBFE0FBE68.jpeg
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Size:  1.21 MBName:  C0D58043-FB03-4F5B-81A0-48C762E8E9D4.jpeg
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Size:  1.25 MBName:  A546F5CB-74B2-4F72-AF41-B7E563A94038.jpeg
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Size:  882.4 KBName:  1F3112C6-FDA9-488E-92D0-600D651CCE46.jpeg
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Size:  1.20 MBName:  4EE47A62-3F69-40E1-AC72-7BBA39C3EC88.jpeg
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Size:  1.53 MBName:  63989BCA-73BD-4F9C-9BA6-EB33307107AB.jpeg
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Size:  1.39 MBName:  E91E1686-5ADD-461E-9A78-CA4E92182C3B.jpeg
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Size:  1.09 MBName:  DB9DA2A2-2AC0-413D-8CF9-B20C268C94EA.jpeg
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    ​Great looking motocross team!

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    Thanks toad- I’ve reduced my workload to these guys and the frog. It’s all I can possibly hold right now-PHEEEEW BTW THE FROGS TORQUISE COLOR WILL CHANGE AS IT GWTS FURTHER ALONG. So hang tight and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll love em.

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    Ok...those bikers definitely demand a nice scenic dio base BAM! I can picture them cruising up a big slab of rock in a dusty/muddy environment with the lead one's back tire just touching the edge of the rock.

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    Def going to be muddy bases. I’ll use the same dríed mud on the grounds so it looks like the tires and the ground share the same elements . I have something in mind I’ll post it when I’m further down the road. Excellent idea mate. Thanks you hairy hairster you,

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