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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Movement here he is a small infection -here’s looking at you kid!!!
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    Default Lil contagion

    Here is the morning work that by the end of the day will hopefully have twice as much work involved- here we go on today’s journey.Name:  F9C8F571-CC7C-4ED1-A58B-2948708BCF01.jpeg
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    thats funny im just building converting a small scale nurgle titan right now. they are so cute

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    Lolololol great minds think alike.

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    Early morning progress!!!Name:  B1143E72-2293-445E-B062-73211BEF8571.jpeg
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    Lotta good work done today -been here at the seat since 6:30am and just finishing up at quarter past 5 now. Name:  C6D9B47D-2308-4125-9DF5-1CDAB0675FED.jpeg
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    ​Horribly good. Love those google eyes.

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    Well thanks to the conversion champion himself st toadie!!!
    well guys heres a first of proper pictures via Janet “the lady of the lake!!!” Love you honey .
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    Now tomorrow we start the marathon of tidying up !!!!!! I’ll do it first thing in the mornin!!!! Gnight folks!!!

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    Here’s more progression on something I didn’t foresee me having as much fun as I am painting up.Name:  B81D9989-4215-4FBD-B34C-0035B528C689.jpeg
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    I think Nurgle must be monitoring this because those last photos are all blurry! Nurgle obviously doesn't want us to see what glory all his blasphemous diseases bring to the believers

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    So rotten, discusting yet delicious. This is looking awesome!

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    Sorry guys gorb I’m glad you get the idea .
    Eki-I guess that first one is blurry on here but on my phone fine -go figure-it seems to be the only one that himders the viewer from getting my newest addition of the arm- rest seem ok ,although not the best ,ok to make out enough . Oh well better pictures tomorrow- too many hours looking at small things.

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    I’m so I squeezed in one more still working my way down to the lower legs—!: now the right arm(his left) will see some work tomorrow-Name:  AB0BDA05-97A5-4267-9C0D-27BDB60B7F56.jpg
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    Really good job on the weathering on him! It is perfect for this guy. Okay, no more jokes then....
    You bringing this fella to NOVA or is it just for something new (for now) for you to do or a further out project/competition? Got a name for him yet, he kind of looks like a "Ralph" to me (okay, no more jokes after this....)

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    Lolololololol I wanted to call him from young fankenstein “I-gore” Lololol ok no more after that. I’m def trying to finish him for NOVA -and definitely for golden demons-small scale category.

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    Annnnd almost on to the base -kicking around a few diff things for the base. It’s a surprise but I think you boys are gonna dig it. Anyways here’s the work done today enjoy as we press on !!!Name:  9C6F6D68-BC51-400A-A6D0-CD3C4B4DB433.jpg
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