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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    You took this GD by storm by friend! Well done again, you definitely deserve it!

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    Yoh know I told my girl Janet if I end up claiming any awards at this years golden demon a slew of doors would be opened. And this gift from artis opus is along the lines of what I meant.
    Name:  25D48195-3BE4-46DD-BAF1-388A4CA1F31D.jpeg
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Size:  490.6 KBName:  A6E726EE-E10D-415F-9118-DBD6842E48C6.jpeg
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Size:  256.7 KBName:  DE2669B3-8B15-4549-A3C9-DCB09F3643AA.jpeg
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Size:  178.2 KB

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    Thank you so much mouse.

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    MFCA - I earned 2 gold medals one for a Name:  579C4E28-8C3D-42EB-AE55-95D9C4293C07.jpeg
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Size:  346.1 KB 50 model exhibit (entire display ) another for my bust called swamp guardian Name:  0E19394B-1974-4540-9189-BDC60B9D2FAE.jpeg
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Size:  597.3 KB
    Name:  1C55B068-F04D-47ED-BFB1-023FBCD587A9.jpeg
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Size:  282.5 KB
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