Showing my newest works before I get into things!
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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Default Showing my newest works before I get into things!

    So again before I actually get into showing my start to finish I'm just posting some of my newest works for1) to get the hang of a w I p thread and 2) to get the hang of my w I p thread.Name:  20210422_110949.jpg
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    Those are some good-lookin' orks! Really digging the wearing on the clothes and armor.

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    Thanks much sionid. Glad you like em!

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    Oh, those really pop nicely!
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    Ha! welcome my brother! It's good to finally have a place to follow all of your top level work. And you started with a beautiful unit shot. Glad you started this...
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    Thank you BFOK and zab! Thank you both all new to me but were gonna try and make a go of this. Bare with me gents I'm a Lil cyber phobic !!! :/ lol

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    Nice orks :-) Great looking checks.

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    Cool! Space-pirate-orcs. I like them. Great!!

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    Thanks guys! )

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    If you have any computer related questions regarding the forums, dont hesitate to Email me for help!
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    Papa Dragonsreach indeed!

    Well young John, liking the almost old school Ork skin tones but what stands out most for me is the metal work.
    In regard to the skin personally I'd have been tempted to use complementary tones to strengthen the shadows, purples and or reds glazed down into the creases.
    BUT it's a long time since I painted an Orc...........may have to change that soon.
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    Those look suitably WAAAGH!
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    Okay mike m8 I'm def going to try the reds I do actually use purple / rhinox hide with a hint of Baal red but what I fear is when I throw my general yellow/ grn glaze at the final stages it turns everything a green tone to have the red stand out more what would you propose my final glaze color to be to accent the red shadows ?

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    Thanks meph it's very appreciated!

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    okay folks I painting this freebooter but different from the 4 I've done. Keep in mind I can only take a piece of advice from 1person at a time. This work I p is on the tutoring of dragons reach a gr8 guy , masterclass painter and overall hr8 friend. He had stated to have some altering in my greens As to him they are to light. I usually start with a " mournfang brown" primer on my greenskins and from there knarlock green as a basecoat and from there IDE lay in shades of rhinox hide/ liche purple with Lahmian medium and glaze it in the creases and crevices until it intensifies. This time it was suggested by DR that I go with reds/ purples. So I've done that. My shades were Baal red/ khorne red thinned to a glaze and repeatedly applied to build up the shadows. This complinet to green I can see immediately is more subdued and intend at the same time and I immediately fell in live with the effect achieved. Name:  image.jpg
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    Then after this I was ready to apply the highlights. My first was a layering of warboss green built up over 5 layers.My blend is an " eavy metal recipe" for the first highlight layer it's warboss green with Ariel yellow and ushabti bone (4:1:1 ratio) after 5 successive highlights with this I moved into the same 3 colors this time in a (2:1:1 ratio) then a (1:1:1 ratio) and the Kislev flesh And ushabti bone where I edge highlight the contours of the fro here I usually glaze my greenskuns with a final 3 layer glaze of grn/ yellow (it's this that gives me my bright grn color. But THOS TIME I GLAZED 3 layers with carrosburg crimson / Lahmian medium. This is what I'm sticking with as its warmer but a warmer compliment that DR suggested. The reason I'm on the forums now . To get this gr8 ideas from master painters like mikie(papa DR)

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    Looking good. The first orks you posted are excellent but I think this guy will turn out even better! The changes to the skin tone have worked really well.

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    Yeah Owens thanks I'm such a sucker for keeping an open mind I never claim to know much about mini painting so when I got into the forums i knew people like DR were going to have some thoughts and I promised myself if I wanted to get better to actually try everything people say. Dragons reach I trust very much and he comments on many people and always shares to many on what's not better or worse but how he would approach things and that to me is very valuable along with your acknowledgement peebs. Thank you yeah I'm very happy with the reds to purple glazes in after 25+ years sticking to a recipe I've always thought might never be improved then BAM papa reach blows my mind over and over!

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    Okay so Im having an idea to do a 5 man squad of FREEBOOTERZ but ala DRAGONSREACH (red complinet glazing / instead of rhinox hide and i glazed the whole skin down after shading and highlights with Baal red as opposed to grn/ yellow glazes (which normally IDE do to give my greenskins a more illuminated bright grn look. These two test pieces are done with the altering papa reach spoke of . I must say I like it alot better with the warm ness of the reds against the olive grn skin. Here's where I'm at next I will be attacking the famous rust weathered metals which is a signature in most of my models in regards to armor plating, buckles etc.Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  78.1 KBNext metal and weathering of metal work!

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    Nice orks and the new effort definately has more interest in the skin (btw your weathered armor is awesome).

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    Thank you sincerely krule bear. I didn't anticipate so much feedback in my first w I p ! I'm so happy that a bunch of top names in the forums including yourself! It's really opened me up to a ton of different things I would've never tried. It's actually amazing how I've heard everybody excels on the forums and now first hand I truly believe this notion to be true. It's really a great family if supporters!thank you wholeheartedly my friend.

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