Showing my newest works before I get into things!
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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Default Showing my newest works before I get into things!

    So again before I actually get into showing my start to finish I'm just posting some of my newest works for1) to get the hang of a w I p thread and 2) to get the hang of my w I p thread.
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    Those are some good-lookin' orks! Really digging the wearing on the clothes and armor.

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    Thanks much sionid. Glad you like em!

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    Oh, those really pop nicely!
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    Ha! welcome my brother! It's good to finally have a place to follow all of your top level work. And you started with a beautiful unit shot. Glad you started this...
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    Thank you BFOK and zab! Thank you both all new to me but were gonna try and make a go of this. Bare with me gents I'm a Lil cyber phobic !!! :/ lol

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    Nice orks :-) Great looking checks.

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    Cool! Space-pirate-orcs. I like them. Great!!

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    I say the same thing bout your and that's what we call "the truth!" thank you

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    You got it man.
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    Thanks diggs!!Name:  image.jpg
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    This model is almost done .. Lotta first first 28mm shaven,first osl / and first osl from multiple points. First 1color tie in to a base with osl being the strongest color and the base having algae colored moss extending that color over from model to base... Out of all my models I honestly feel this is in my top two out of 28 mm the other being the blood angel librarian. Enjoy still contemplating doing more to the base.. Some skulls armor arrows possible thanks canny epic ter and flu for your wonderful ideas. That brought this model into fruition.
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    Serious John this is one of thy best rats I've ever seen I prefer it over that reference pic u posted


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    it makes me want to paint a rat dude lol, but ive got enough on atm


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    These are looking really great. I should get back into painting. Inspiring!

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    Thanks mechman and canny ....cans thanks always for the time taken to acknowledge another's hard work.your the best and never forgotten.

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    Looking like an awesome group..can't wait to see how the base pulls them together. Love the little dots of white highlighting throughout. Cracking job

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    Stealer look awesome BAM sooooooo good . I loved red rums version of this cant wait to see your take on it ....
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    Awesome stuff, the defiler looks like he will be awesomely gruesome to paint

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