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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    of course

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    Default Plain and simply

    This EVERCHOSEN comp is my golden goose- it possibly caters to my entries bigger and better than golden demo.

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    Ah I see, nice one... makes for one hell of a squad !!! Best of luck mate.

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    Likewise bud!!!

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    Well let’s get busy Name:  BDBF2D6B-819E-41BD-9465-DAC34EE51011.jpg
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Size:  907.3 KBName:  1944B773-3986-46F0-AF22-6B76FF5C5FD0.jpg
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Size:  984.7 KBhere’s the troops ready to go as far as they possibly can-

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    Do you have a single figure for the Everchosen part of the comp?

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    At the latminute I’ll oribably use either something I have or either something I have. Lololol wasn’t enough time for me with all this going on and the one grot tank I decided is forgeworld so I don’t think it can be used !!!:;(

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    Best of luck at the competition!

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    Well I’ve gotten the votes needed to advance my fat ass!! To the second step in succession to have a snowballs chance in hell of winning that 7,000 sword which if by any miracle I do win use sell in for 5 kilos!!!! And have a ghetto town party down productions congrats party. Again this contest isn’t who’s better than who- I rely on 44 awards in the last 5 years (11 are panel judge placeings,in Novas open crystal brush qualifier ,crystal brush ,armies in parade , yeah and golden demon,MFCA)to do that type of talking for me.

    and I plan on adding to that list for as long as I’m alive

    this is is what I went Name:  914277D0-A1B3-4862-A2C6-8FAC43BDBB5B.jpeg
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Size:  801.0 KB Really excited though about my open distribution and how I fit everything into a 12x12 area very fine engineeering . Let’s keep it going I guess.Name:  9F2D7102-5392-41F7-8193-8D1E543C73F2.jpeg
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    Why didn't you just enter them all as separate groups and just swept the open category? Then you could say that the only person you have lost to is yourself! Congrats on the win for Everchosen! Best of luck with the follow on contest.

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    Congrats, bud! You know, it might be 12”x12”x12”... I think you could go second level and fit a few more in there!

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    Congrats and well-deserved, BAM! I've seen people who painted great works and got second place at their store so it is nice to see someone who deserved to win moving on. Perhaps there might be even more Everchosen accolades coming your way in the near future!

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    Huge congrats BaM, look forward to throwing some votes around when the model is online. Awesome work!

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    I chose this piece for one reason - the yellow is the MOST vibrant color I have and at least will get some votes due to folks seeing that yellow in a huuuuuge see of windrgful color. Online to viewers it’s a diff animal a a diff way to compete. I’m a naturalist and a realistic type painter- I’m very comfortable with the desatirated palette. This however is tough to find that “grab your eyes” effect. If I’m judge by actual judges I’m confident- however When this voting goes like I’m at the mercy of what popular to the eye of the viewer and that’s saturation.

    this model is by far Not a favorite of mine- I think it’s mediocre and I’ve increased my talents quite a bit since then.

    if I had to pick a well painted piece that I really would have felt good with -it would have been one of my grot tanks- or anyone of my BLUE CHIPS pieces.

    Name:  1695B864-5118-4898-9180-BD9C3E86A049.jpeg
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Size:  495.9 KBName:  C620407E-E25A-4641-A093-9C6CD6F27F6F.jpg
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Size:  1.06 MBName:  B9D6BFE1-8EB3-4AFA-8A30-E358F0FD7D86.jpg
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    Name:  BB6A8260-FD54-4B67-96B5-FD17266F5114.jpeg
Views: 174
Size:  1.46 MBSo anyone of 1-12 OTHER models would have been given a MUCH MUCH MUCH better shot. Problem is the further you get the better the folks u deratanding the painting ideologies and the HOW TO of miniature painting increases. however what is going to get me To those peoper judges. What is going to catch the eye if average joes when they are confronted with the ASTOUNDINGLY GINORMOUS ONLUNE GALLERY THAT WILL APPEAR ON ONES SCREEN. Well it’s sad to say but if I intend to stay in this a bit longer than i have to find something to give so kind of visual “eat at joes”. I wish the necessary Evil of the beginning shitshow of store judging and the other beginning shitshow of early online gallery judging was able to be skipped over- well ITS NOT . Here’s where we are these are my ideas about this event . Just my opinion !!!!

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    Word is that it will be a random generated mini that pops up on your screen with the option to give a 1-5 rating much like CMON. This is intended to spread the voting and ensure that people with big social media presences do not direct people to their mini.

    Believe the judges will then step in after an initial cull to reduce the amount they are looking at.

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    Yeah, I could see the online heavily favoring someone from a store that has a large number of regulars (or however many friends they can get to log in to vote for them) which means that GW is going to have egg on their faces if a figure that is the worst of the lot winds up winning

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    ahhhh you see that’s the beauty of it- that won’t happen as it gets to the further parts of this- the “ignore the man behind the curtain” thingie if the Eavy meyalteam and other judges are watching this weather ,they say they are or aren’t , from the moment these the go to online voting to the finalists are picked- they still have a reputation to uphold
    the whole issue here is this thing sucks very badly at the beginnings. However it is still a hoop of fire one must jump through very carefully and navigate passed.

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    just read the "rules" and it said once it gets to the top 100, the top 3 will be picked by a panel of judges...guess I should have looked at those before But yes the first stage was really wild card about who would win at any given store, with regulars probably being heavily favored at a fair number of locations.

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    And moving on to the next showing NOVA OPENS capital palette !!! Here’s my final and most recent unit I’ll be exhibiting !!! I call it “YOU GOT YOU GOT YOU GOT WHAT I NEED”!!! (Lol Eddie Murphy raw) Name:  F6B613FC-B38E-4B8E-B507-01CCA129D442.jpeg
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Size:  1.03 MBName:  5031F7A2-255F-4723-A2F5-2751563274DE.jpeg
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Size:  1.15 MBName:  7C0177B3-A250-4A4B-9D24-79CFC96CD9A1.jpeg
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Size:  1.30 MBName:  D9AE7918-868D-4626-A2D6-E6F30E516DC4.jpeg
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Size:  1.47 MBName:  56149E17-3977-4B99-A3D5-E3A48B962538.jpeg
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Size:  1.02 MB

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    You need to insert a little fountain on the base so that it sprays "blood" all the time over the figures, I mean come on, this is for Khorne and all! Look forward to seeing these in person!

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