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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Bases look amazing. Someone paid attention to Sproket's microbead tutorials.

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    LOLOL yeah flu being you said that I feel I’m close to where it intended. Thanks matey. A lot. Now folks getting back into my death guard swing I have modeled 2 more bases today and will be able to slap paint onto them tomorrow- after I get home from taking a 10 minute stroll down the block to ALLENTOWNS NEWEST LOCALITY -GAMES WORKSHOP WARHAMMER STORE OUT OF ALLENTOWN PA!!! I’ve waited my whole life to be able to champion my own GW store and now after 25/26 years of driving hours 3 times a year to get to the closest GW store nearest me I finally have one that I can call my own. I cannot wait . But back to the dirty guard here are some pics to show the subtle differences in the base work. We have trenches, ravines, corpses and all other stuff strewn about a field that has been ultimately dominated by those dirty boys of summer and no not the Yankees!!!Name:  77A07F9E-0B9B-479B-96E8-EBF6FE078D18.jpg
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    Bases are coming together really well BaM! Nice decision to keep them distinct and various

    Looking forward to the glamour pics when these guys are done

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    Those bases are rocking! Those death guard are going to be one for the books once you finish them!
    Really nice work BAM!

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    the orcs look great, and the basses for the nurgle fellas are astounding. so much to look at, very individual but work as whole to. excellent stuff
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    Microbeads.... or another layer of disgusting things... LOL hahaha
    Your next work should be an impolute high elf / eldar... just to compensate things ying/yang you kow... xD
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    Thanks gents- you guys remind me of my second favorite college team- the CALIFORNIA “GOLDEN” BEARS!!! AKA -ferkin GOLDEN!!!

    of course I’ll do an Eldar or impolite high elf-each one of the receiving the GIFT IF NURGLE!!!

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    Delightfuly disgusting bases for these boys. It sets them off beautifully
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    Thanks a TON Andy G(OLDEN) !!!))$

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    Slowly surely almost at the homestretch and you can for all intense and purposes call this almost year love my stint I’ve also made sure I picked up a few supplies at my new GW store literally 10 minutes from my home.Name:  36AEF2A1-F851-45F5-9080-7335C904B703.jpg
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    mmmmm I am not sure wether the GW shop or you would be the one most happier.... xD
    having that temptation so close....
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    Those bases are looking fantastic. Can't wait to see the swampy ones once you're finished with them!

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    The bases are shaping up so awesome. Epic, as always, BAM. You're killing it here.
    pax et bonum

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    Ok quick side question !!! Every one I’m sure want he’s the walking dead, fear the walking dead,better call saul.. etc. BUT recently a series finished up that kinda put more chills in me than anything I’ve seen in my entire life. Even “cannibal holocaust” didn’t do what this did. It finished with more viewers than any other AMCs “Fear the walking dead” and “call Saul” . Third was its spot and indeed earned it- talking about Poor capt Francis crozier and the doomed expedition of him and his men at CAMP terror!!! THE TERROR . Ladies and gents if you haven’t seen this series , get your popcorn sit down and watch one of the most brutal period pieces that any director has ever done -the fact that it’s ridley Scott’s piece based on a story makes it even more desirable.

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    Aight back and fourth to ER I’ve been told I need a GI specialist cause nothing is working for this pain “ketamine” worked great(saw funny Shaw’s and trails etc, FOR ONLY 20 minutes then the pain broke through) really embarrassing screaming in agony in the Er. The one thing that has worked is liquid lidocaine. They gave me a prescription for a few bottles. It numbs everything. So I’m on my own until weds. That my appt with a dr ingles. But so help me god I WILL FINISH THESE PROJECTS ON MY DAMN DESK.God damn it nothing stops painting!!:/
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    One almost complete 7 man death guard kill teamName:  8D8647F5-E1DF-481E-B357-8164402580FC.jpg
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    Well done mate, these are looking so good, I shall call this squad the ‘gold medal getters’... the bases compliment the figures so well!!!

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    Sorry to hear about the GI issues. There no fun! I hope the doctors can figure out whats going on and fix it.
    On the other side your plague marines are so fooking awesome! Did I mention AWESOME! : )

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    yeah sorry to hear about your pains. hope they find a fix. glad its not stopping your painting. the death guard look awesome , so very very cool. the basses really add that spark of life.
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