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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    And JANETS very impressive second (2nd) painted model. So she’ll be entering these 2 in the apprentice group category at NOVAS CAPITAL PALETTE... I know I’m going to do well... however I’m really excited to see how my better half will fair with me as her personal coach practically by her side saying no and don’t but never having my brush touch her model. I would show her brush positions etc etc but that is it. I show she does. One other thing a superstar needs to have besides TALENT(what one is born with) , SKILL(what one spends hours perfecting eg muscle memory etc etc) COACHABILITY( the willingness to listen to a coach and take criticism as well as tutorlage!!! Janet seems to have all 3Name:  0B608872-68D5-41CC-8DA8-05EAD5A8616E.jpeg
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    Those pumpkins on the base are spot on dude! Props to your other half

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    Very impressive for a second mini! She should start her own wip!

    The space ace marines are coming along nicely btw.
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    Damn Bam that's amazing for a second mini. You picked a winner! (or got picked by said winner )

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    Janet’s definitely got a talent for the hobby. Can see her doing well at a comp

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    Fantastic effort for a second mini mate, pass on the appreciation to Janet. Loving the marines too

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    High five janet. Looks incredible, and the osl eyes of the pumpkins are brilliant. Love the color choices too.
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    Deepest respect for your partner! Very high quality for the 2nd mini painted.
    I'd guess she can compete with you soon :-D

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    NOVA AWAITS !!! Wish me amd Jannie luck!!!

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    Best of luck! I hope they brought a few extra cabinets this year so they can hold all of your entries.

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    Good luck mate
    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
    Here be my ranking=
    Here be my gallery

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    Good luck mate. I'm sure you and Mrs BaM will do amazing

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    Best of luck mate

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    Ok so Matt di Pietro, David Taylor and Roman lappat Judged!!! Before the awards they said there are now 3 divisions apprentice, journeyman, masterclass - they explained all through the years there were always a standard that the best models set. Being now that there were 3 divisions that if you did well last year etc and didn’t do as well this year that’s because each division now has a standard set. Themasterclass now has its own standard and that it was judged the most critical period . So nobody get down. I was in the masterclass. So I win a bronze for one of my single miniatures, I win a silver for my immortal vampire in the bust category AND I WON 2 gold for two of my units ANNNND I WON A BEST OF IN UNIT ANNNND FAN FAVORITE - JANET TOOK HOME SILVER .

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    Well done mate... very much deserved!!! And congratulations to Janet as well

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    Congrats to the both of you! Very well deserved all round

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    When you have a Beauty this good looking on your arm who now is an accomplished award winner HOW CAN YOU LOSEName:  2279CA3B-1A4C-47E3-A3BB-903620628C2F.jpeg
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