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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Great cultists Bam, look forward to seeing you do those other.....things!

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    Those look amazing!

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    I’ve got a nice warm 10 just ready to slap on these.

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    Stay tuned and be vigilant as this is in the system pending and awaiting the go ahead to reach the gallery!!Name:  2B306955-CEB1-468C-9B1F-FEC1EE70129D.jpeg
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    Epic !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    Not bad for an amateur lol.
    Yeah, right. And I am the crown prince

    These are awesome! The consistency is what struck me first. Then I looked closer and saw the veins under the skin... Very very nice.

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    Lololol thank you all so much guys. Yeah I like to do detail work. I like to put the idea in the minds ,of those that know my work, that there are always very fine detail work in and around each of my models. Some may go unseen but just know that if you take a gander at my projects there is definitely always something to them. Just like roman (jarhead) lappat says about dioramas and it’s the same premise for painting models -you are to try and always include LARGE, medium,small(fine) details.
    thank you all sincerely

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    Top drawer painting and photos as always BAM.

    Sensational looking group - deceptively brutal on initial inspection, but actually brilliant use of a subtle pastel pallette

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    Thanks haister- now before I get into things- here are some of those deliciously juicy models that will be part of a 7 man unit contains the four biggies and theses three. At this point I’ve just worked up the highlights I haven’t really shaded anything yet other than the deepest folds. Name:  F00A6722-71EF-4DBD-BC0E-AB5FAAB47D58.jpeg
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Size:  1.67 MBStay tuned !!!!!

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    LETSGO TEAM VOTE/comment (either or both ) Genie ABBERANTS !!!! Here’s the link on the fabulous four

    and here’s an update on some of the models from the roguetrader starter set!!!

    Name:  F02DC00E-7D22-4F42-8C2C-DE460FA0AA1B.jpeg
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    And last update for today!!!
    Name:  DE6C561B-379D-4D45-8474-E2BEA99684A2.jpeg
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Size:  1.78 MBName:  A345619A-5C7D-4E4A-9464-FF09FD60BB33.jpeg
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    A small portion of the Tom Barbalet collection- he is a higher up employee of Netflix and he’s just an awesome guy. He met with me and Janet and took us out to dinner. Me , jarhead, Marc masckans,kyril kyranaev, Glenn Ford have been chosen to paint up his massive collection of very rare citadel models. I’m so happy and flattered beyond belief . happuly waiting to see what he had picked was some wonderful ork models from yesteryear along with ...yep these squats.Name:  F270ECAE-7D6A-4DE3-8873-47B3623C2B8E.jpg
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    AWESOME! I thinks the s cond from the left is the only one I don't recall seeing when it was released.

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    Creeping along!!!!Name:  F86C3224-23C7-4CEE-8CE4-637615623351.jpeg
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    Nice TMM there
    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
    Here be my ranking=
    Here be my gallery

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    GW better quit producing cool Nurgle models or you'll go broke!

    The vintage squats are awesome. The plasma gunner is fantastic!

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    Lololo I do love these models from them!!!Name:  8492BA32-646E-4274-9FC0-509EE4E500B4.jpeg
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Size:  1.77 MBName:  DC16694F-D8A5-41CF-A9D6-EA6E65A8F8E9.jpeg
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