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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    The rotting mutants look great, BAM. Excellent job yet again. And those are some awesome busts for CB. I wanted to order the top one when Karol had his 20% off sale, but I was too cheap to pay the shipping from Poland. lol

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    Thanks much flu and Mae- JUST REALISZED ITS GEN CON WEEKEND RIGHT!!!!!

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    Ok so some folks were talking bout my chances of doing the new death guard well just before I move on the 25th of this month I sat down and went over a new recipe which I'm happy with and once this one is done in its entirety I'll def be doing a unit of 6-10 depending on my patience level and theses most likely will be competition ready here's a teaser of one I started (still very early in the early stages of painting .) here's the first of the model with base colors and then the next four shots re the model further along with some shading and highlighting.enjoy it's the last pic that I'll take in my home here in lovely new joisey . Name:  IMG_6467.JPG
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    That shade of green and pink flesh really look good together.

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    Ok so buyers moved the closing date again now it's the end of month ill keep everyone posted on the move that seems to be taking forever. So I painted my death guard model more here he is so far!!! Name:  image.jpg
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    Default And under some diff lighting

    Here are some furtgher advancements under my standard kitchen lighting
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    This guy is looking really good BAM! It is weird to say this but I like whatever is coming out of that chest cavity there! If it is disgusting looking blood, it looks great. If it is meant to be some kind pus, it looks awesome! Maybe it is better if I don't know what it is, just that it is completely filthy And don't get me started on that creepy looking third eye... You are a master of painting Nurgle and I'm looking forward to seeing how this mini develops!

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    Dam Bam, you been busy! That guy looks amazingly disgusting. Keep on trucking brother. Love it!
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    You are tempting me to pile into my first strike set. Must resist - finish MV contest entry first, come on Zab show some discipline!
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    Your stuff as always is so great to browse. Only problem is trying to find how many pages back I need to go to start catching up on what I missed.

    For your darklining do you paint dark first and then paint the highlights/colors right up next to the darklining leaving only a little bit showing or actually place the dark line after your colors super carefully?
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    Good question nick. I paint all my steps and after all done including the weathering than I'll paint in the dark line to separate the areas and I'll use a dark brown or dark grey. Reaper makes terrific brown,black,dark grey liners .

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    So once again everything's packed and hoping there will be no more delays to get to the closing date which I will not disclose out of superstitious fear that something again will go wrong. All I had with me is some green paints and a few brushes to work on my death guard model so now I've started another one as both are not finished and are diff degree of work done nut no where complete. So here is what I'm going for and where my death guard stand as of now enjoy.btw this is a diff type of weathering I'm using. Name:  IMG_3372_edited.jpg
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    Gotta admit my favourite part of your death guard are the two eyeballs bulging out of the chestplate. Nicely done. Looks like he had a hard night on the town with all that bloodshot goodness.

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    Disgusting....i think that is a good thing in this case.

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    Wow those look awesome! What color green did you start with for your base color?

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    I love the mix of the light scratches and dark rust streaks. It really draws in the eye to search for even more detail.
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    Default Thanks. Your a golden bunch

    They are more than a man they are shiny golden goddsss (jack black singing to KG on the streets of Cali. Pick of destiny .
    Tee the base color are olive green (reaper, but Elysian green by GW can substitute)!!!

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    Me and baily (along with my explanations of this stuff in figure painters magazines "insight") IM TALKING STRATEGIES , folks, !!! Strategies when entering a miniature painting comps. So example if jarhead is judging I might enter a piece that is a favorite of his, or I might paint his biker bust to Winn him over. Well ,this time going to NOVAs capital palette tomorrow is simple. 5 dollars lets you enter 1 model , 20 is an unlimited amount. So lets take "best unit or squad" for example. Well I have 7 units that have either win awards or are some of my best work. So ill be entering 7 units, my ork nobs, my Vikings , my barbarians, my Orruk command,my arena Rex glads, and my chaos 3 man command, and last and not least "my blood reavers" so basically my strategy (only possible because I'm not flying but driving) is "SHOCK AND AWE" very easily SHOCK THEM IN AWE!!!

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