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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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Size:  93.1 KB Nova open is in Washington DC . It's a crystal brush calibre of open judging format. You can enter many entries and like world expo etc you can only win a medal on your best one. That is until I showed up with 24 entries. The judges including roman lappat were so impressed they just decided for the first time if artists individual pieces were of the same "powerful quality" they're pass them on through. So here I am with a whopping 7 medals (and they are mailing to me the BEST WEATGERING AWARD CRYSTAL OBELISK. Baily will tell you gold medals are few and far between and wining a bronze is a huge deal . Chris borer himself won a bronze . This shows how tough it is. Damon drescher and Marc rally also were bronze and silver winners. In the past golds were sometimes not given at all. So I managed to get 3 bronze,3 silver , and 1 gold (3 silver and gold were inmy units category). And win a very sought after crystal obelisk as well. Roman was so impressed along with David Taylor and JAMES WAPPEL MAKING up the 3 judge panel. .

    nuff said

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    WOW such a row of prizes!!
    You should be flying over the clouds, evenmore with those judges! Congratulations, I am sure you deserved each and everyone of those medals, you did work tons of hours to achieve them! Very happy for you ^^
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    Pfft, only 7 medals. I expected more from you slacker. I want 50 entries next year. GET CRAKIN! lol Bangarang brother. Grats on the win.
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    Congrats BAM, where the hell are you going to put them all?!

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    Well deserved appreciation for some great painting...congrats BAM.

    You could go for the Prince Phillip next time you turn up at an event....

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    Ahahaha, winning so many medals that they have to ship the rest to you? Well done, mate, well done!

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    Congrats dude, that's awesome. You're so good they had to change the rules! With quality this high, I can't wait to see what you bring to CB.

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    Lololololol Meph you kill me.thanks everybody diggs,oist, Mae ,hairster,sigmar ,my boy Fluisterwould , thanks bud,(oh don't worry bud ill find the room) all you guys . I now have 20 international painting awards in the last 3 years. Everybody , thanks always for your support and great flow of positive energy - your golden guns all of you. Could never have done it without any of your support and that being said a "SPECIAL THANKS TO MY BABYGIRL and my life partner JANET NG- my assign princess!!! Luv you babes!!!
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    Yup, a great show and a very impressive finish. As BAM said, golds were few and far between. To give you all an idea of the level, in the unit category where BAM got his gold, Damon (who won best in show for his single figure entry) only got a bronze for his unit!

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    Thanks bails for clearing that up I couldn't explain it the way you did. Thanks also David for all your help throughout the time we first met at 2015s CB up till now. Guys baily was even more impressive entering 3 single models in the (single figure category) and managed as usual to take home the highest of honors 2 elusive gold medals ( for his masterful "Northumbrian, dragoon ) and a silver for his Orc by Dennis soul- which was my personal favorite of the entire event. Hats off to you again David!!!

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    Congratulations on the wins. It was nice to finally get to see all of your works (at least I think I saw just about everything you have posted on this site within the last year or so )

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    Congrats mate
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Here are some furtgher advancements under my standard kitchen lighting
    Really good to see how the model progresses . Finished result is great to, nice one

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    Gongrats. So many great figures you broke the judging system. Not a bad return on the number of entries you had.

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    Thanks so much everyone!!! Another thing IDE like to show off is what I accomplished in an 8 hr base class by "jarhead" !!! It's safe to say ill be creating more amazing bases than I have in the past!!!
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    P.S. RO-man looks like Ragnar lothbrook- tell me he doesn't!!! I think that's awesome- was waiting for IVA the boneless to come down the isle to collect an award!!! Lol
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    Roman was supposed to have a basing class in Sweden this fall, but it was cancelled. It will hopefully be back again next year, and I am going for sure!

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    Again guys niva was a tough comp. me and baily seem to show up when all the big names do as well. While the heavy European influence wasn't present I said to baily that all the big American name painters were there. And Damon who took the bronze in the unit cat - if you don't know his work he's as good as any other big name out there here for example is his crystal brush winning "Samarai knight " from 2015 CB Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  423.9 KB some other bug American names were Vincent venturella , Marc ralley, Chris borer(4 time slayer sword winner) , Melissa powells, David Powell (his daughter is cute, really cute) and MANY MANY more oh yeah btw Matt do Pietre , Caleb wisenback, mike Schaefer, Kay Johnson . Mitchell Roberts. Etc etc.

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    Hey BAM it was great to meet you this weekend, congrats on all the medals. Did you and Bailey ever pick up your bases from Roman's class? Dave Taylor was looking for both of you around 4 PM Sunday.

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