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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Lololol thanks guys.
    Diggs I ferkin love you matey. The funniest guy tied with MEPH- two crazy bastards !!!

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    Mid afternoon update- Name:  B9AA848B-2F0B-43D9-94EA-E090A83E4712.jpg
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    Damn I am slacking! It took several pages to get back up to speed and I am glad you are knocking it out of the park with some new minis. The Nurgle lord really lends itself to your awesome style. Can't wait to see these in person.

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    Yeah Krulebear I have a good feeling that I’ll make finals after that I have no idea but if I had a gun to my hard and had to predict the outcome I think finals will be where I sit!!! ide be estatic if I do. Thanks for all your comments kruley keeps me giving the best models I possibly can with the will to improve!!!

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    A o here is my arena Rex entry this year after a few accidents it’s a Willa that we have settled in Name:  3CA77E4C-8CFE-46E5-8B26-70EF30F03B37.jpg
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    Now my lil man is starting to look like a BloodASmedium project. Put this guy in a group of 5 other including those two new guys bilepiper and scrivener and BaM in there like swimwear !!!Name:  E3CB2CC8-08F8-4316-BA43-E923B9A7091E.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Yeah Krulebear I have a good feeling that I’ll make finals after that I have no idea but if I had a gun to my hard and had to predict the outcome I think finals will be where I sit!!! ide be estatic if I do. Thanks for all your comments kruley keeps me giving the best models I possibly can with the will to improve!!!
    I agree. It will be interesting to see what shows up. I was just going to stop by Saturday afternoon, but my wonderful wife was able to get us rooms Friday and Saturday for off to look for class openings.

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    Okay, the eyes on the shield freak me out!

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    Yeah I just looked at en and it gave me the willies too!!! lol thanks wargodof Valhalla!!!

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    Let’s start this morning off right - as right as a weather beaten spike blade on his right shoulder!!! How’s that for a slice of fried gold!!!Name:  748BA833-D3A5-4A3A-84C2-D8FDF1CBDC8C.jpg
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    Default Guys I have some tips I was thinking of

    This may or may not help win a comp. I DO ALOT of prepping for my comps. As even though I’ll admit it’s very difficult to win at golden demon and Crystal Brush I still have the feeling that I want to win and have affirmation on my work to the highest degree. So here’s my thoughts I’ve been competitive since I was young in sports and academics as well. I’ve competed and played every major sport life had to offer. I excelled at this greatly. Academically although I never attended Major universities - I’ve made a few big names such as UMBC, temple , and duke university. I went to school locally instead. I in the last 5 years excelled at miniature painting as well. What I can say is this there are a ton of people who are amazing. So when I embarked I wanted to do something diff. I wanted a John Blanche style but more organised . So I learned all the leathers, the metals, the flesh etc that I thought would look like this when fused together. The best chance any of us painters including higher level types as well is to paint with a signature that exemplifies your own. (eg flunk u tron , Skelette (his signature dark schemes purple blue type ambiance on his, Etc . It boils down to 3 things a diff style, Excellent freehand, and amazing creativity on both models and basing and this includes themes and storylines. ( David soper and his tiny micro beads and mottled skin and stripes on his chaos nurgle and ork pieces) it’s either this or good luck getting your painting( blending, highlight/shade placement, stippling)as good as Francesco farabi, David Powell , ten ball , Andy g etc etc. As one can see it’s pribaly easier and more rewarding doing the first idea. Beating these guys str8 up is just NOT going to happen, not for me at least.furthermore each contest is looking for it’s own standard- Crystal Brush is looking for perfect blends and NMM- it’s the easiest way to judge what model is painted best by the cleanest and most perfect of these techniques. Golden demon is a selling business type contest and they want most of their placeings to look like the wavy metal team. So again it also depends are you willing to change what you know and what one loves to fit into the equation of winning accolades. I know I wouldn’t . If what I do had no merit and awards in the last 5 years i still would paint the way I have been simply cause I look at my cabinet EVERY DAY AND NIGHT . I LOOOOVE THE WAY MY MODELS LOOK AND PROBABLY WOULDNT EVER CHANGE. Think bout tenball ( if I may use you as an example lee. IMHO he has one of the best , most sought after bright styles. He should be always placing in golden demon and imho should have a ton of statuettes . I don’t know what’s going on there. However he kills it at salute and hussar Etc Etc. He pushes on with his mega perfect style and knows his not placing more often HAS NOTHING TO DO. With his models not painted to a high standard . He’s confident and knows there are other shows and who knows maybe one day they’ll applaud his superior and amazing work over some others paintjob that sells their product better. anyway guys what is one willing to do I am not ready to have to learn nmm to win nor am I ready to unlearn all I have that keeps me happy looking at my miniatures as is.
    Good luck in your search folks.
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    And now the fun part weathering the shite out of his armor.Name:  3B9278AF-8252-446C-AB6E-B28B89B2C801.jpg
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    Yessir I’m all over the place different models diff parts of those models- it keeps my mental and color balance- or else ide go like CRAZY EDDIE- IM PRACTICALLY INNNNSSSSANE!!!! I just showed my true age. Anybody who rem this commercial have a heart and shout it out!!! lol
    and ih yeah here’s aquilla Name:  57434AF9-A937-45D7-98B6-436CD2FC68EA.jpeg
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Size:  1.21 MBoh yeah look at the size diff b/n the awesome games workshop mini compared to the frail teeny tinier Aquila Name:  226FF024-C770-423B-8FF9-87F9D02834C4.jpg
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    Class is in session Name:  473FCC66-517D-43E6-B24E-D401B20140A9.jpeg
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    Nice to see the weathering emerging from his armour. I think Nurgle models are the perfect accompaniment to your style.

    I don’t suppose you could share the recipe for your skin tone, or a rough approximation?

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    For you fix anything mate. We’re all her to learn. I’ll send it over PM style.

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    lovely job. always a pleasure to scroll through a few pages to catch up. yep I remember the hopolites amazing shields not to mention the rest! Mr nurgle coming up.

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    The eyes on the shield are way cool Bam . Nice work my man ..
    Proud owner of a Teronus TMM original.
    Carpe Diem Carpe Nocturne

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    Name:  09E872E4-4302-4FE1-A157-28EC8663A4A6.jpeg
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Size:  1.23 MBTurning out to be one of my favorite projects ever. Cannot wait( but I will not rush) this unit of heralds of nurgle.

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