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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Proper pics today so we all can see the actual colors going on it’s just light from a window nowName:  500E8B84-E99B-4DEC-99DC-C746481297D0.jpg
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Size:  989.4 KBagain guys the harmony triangle on that piper has a few of them across the model- most notable the tongue, the guts , and the heart.on the fatty the triangle has two one right side up and an inverted one the arm guards and the helmet is most notablely the triangle I feel folks see first.
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    Yeah imagine the dudes wife what she goes through every time there’s a kiss hello!!!!!lolol thanks Jocelyn !!!! It amazes me how subjective this reform is big mouth alothiugh the tastiest of all 3 is my least favorite painting!!! I still love the pies piper of nurglin!!! Get it Hamelin / nurglin!!! I’ll be here all week ladies and gentlemen !!! (Crickets) tough crowd tough crowd!!!lololol
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    Okay folks we have some pictures here!!!Name:  B2852C9D-059F-4A04-9AD8-037A3C95ACBB.jpg
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Size:  1,002.9 KBName:  E578A13C-FB1A-442D-B5F5-043429608156.jpg
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Size:  1.04 MB I’ve rotated the end models as that left side is always 4 lamps to one on the right at times things tend to get washed out!!!
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    The three of them together like that look excellent. Got to say, as much as you love the piper, the scrivener is my favourite.

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    Looking excellent! Love the leather work on the piper, and the spots on the top of the mouth guy.

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    Lolololol no one likes the fat man-poor fat guy -waaah nobody likes fatties-we want our nurgles fit and trim!!!!! Lololol even I’m laughing at my post !!! While typing a can’t stop laughing I keep looking at his face !!! And then I burst out laughing again-look at him- the poor pathetic face!!! Poor as in pathetic not financially unstable!!!lololol still laughing yup!!!

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    Default Thanks derek

    See somebody else like the ugly gutted piper I know he’s more comical than dangerous looking . Geez guys have a heart for the fat( just started giggles no yo myself again looking at his poor face) one!!! Lololol

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    Finally got around to doing the extra set of pipes at least he’s a little more filled out Name:  667E414A-9758-4AD7-BE9E-CE4789C26084.jpeg
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    Those guys are SO amazing! I wish I had half of your skills my friend.
    "I was too distracted by the ladies to be scared of your bear. That is the second weirdest sentence I have ever typed on this site o_O"- Zab

    "Paint flavored coffee is the bestest!"-me

    Brush Brother Moetle

    Take a peek you might learn something or teach me something :-)

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    Thank you sooo sooo much moteles-that’s probably the effect ide get from everybody if they saw a model fully finished without my ongoing progress reports- but thank you personally I’m extremely proud of this trio!!! I really appreciate the praise brother it means everything to me !!!!and I’m certain your skills are just as keen buddy!!!! Ide bet my eyesight on it!!!

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    Years passed my nurgle of old and big mouth my painting as of recentlyName:  CDC26183-C618-4F84-96DF-A3AFAFAB37BF.jpeg
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Size:  1.37 MBName:  AB6AF5CF-581E-4239-97A8-8544B1C5ACAF.jpeg
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Size:  1.64 MBanybody can improve folks- just a bit of practice- so everybody including me keep on painting!!!

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    i think you missed the base John.... just thought id let you know...


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    Lololololololol geez how the hell did that happen!!!
    speakung if bases did more fleshing out of vegetation half dead and deadfall along with my patented cracks in the bone and skullName:  4AD23730-726C-412E-912F-A333D92C1B55.jpg
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Size:  910.4 KBName:  5F61D61F-716F-4376-AACF-EDD5D16FBCFC.jpg
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Size:  935.0 KB byw guys I’ve painted diluted brush in sealer(reaper) to stiffen the very soft flock I’ve used- this will eventually be highlighted to give a three D effect to the dead lands!!!
    EPIC so glad your back baby boy!!!
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    The Nurgle look like they have perfectly fit into your style, nice work. Sorry if I missed it in a post, but are they going to be a squad for Crystal Brush?

    The Ork squad you had last year at CB (I think it was the last one) were underrated by my opinion, but it has been crazy hard in CB lately...

    Either way both look like winners to me, how long have you been in the painting competition community?

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    Excellent work still. It might not be for me to say but big mouth looks like a level up to me. Don’t know why, just seems to like some learnings on the other two models are falling into place on this one. But either way very cool.

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    All good coyote - big mouth has a lot more to work with in terms of shapes etc . As I said he is the tastiest model I’ve worked on in my entire painting history- he’s probably the best sculpt I’ve see by GW from their demon line. Don’t ever feel you are out of place saying something- your just as good as anyone to give opinions bud.
    kingofedoras - wow thanks so much bud- sadly the nurgle trio will not be at crystal brush- instead my blood bowl team will be. These guys will be at nova open. As for competing -before I knew how to paint a straight line I competed in golden demon for many years when it was still in the USA. I earned two demon statuettes in my long and tiresome journey to the golden demon awards. I stopped due to work in2009. Then in 2015 after learning the craft and having much more success I began attending CB. Ever since then I try to attend competition where and when I can. I love it even thought I’m not a consistent winner I still feel I always have an outside chance to place and that is the fun part to me, waiting to see if I did

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    I was getting ready to give you crap for not putting the bone plate lines on the bases skull since you proved how good you were at it.....then the next sey of pictures they were done! Dang it BAM, if you keep getting better at this rate I will never be able to give you a hard time anymore! Lol.

    These really are looking nice.

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    Krulebear my dear Faddah ada yere ( brklyn for know) it’s always welcome I’m always ready to describe why if I can. Always I keep in mind will thisfeedback 1) help expand my chances of winning even though it goes against my vision) not significant enough if changed( which call a lateral.3) go against the vision and criteria I’ve set up to be judged. Now there are times I’ll use it maybe tweak it in away and there are times I’ll discard it politely as always. I base everything ..well most of the time things I’ve learned that help me achieve the status I’m at. And I’ll throw away things I’ve read included if it messes with this style I’ve created. All in all I try to use everything I’ve learmed I call it a thinking mans way of painting miniatures. Miniature painting science. Although it’s not a science there are certain rules I have to use and certain things that I’ll go I might sacrifice total readability in favor of a certain look I’m after so where I’ll lose points in technique I’ll gain much more in creativity. Or I’ll scrap the whole model being in one light source and use zenith always on some parts and general on others. Again that’s are all certain ways to approach mini painting bard on two things1) meg maples and agent venoms 5 layers of contrast 2) light theory based on jeremie teboules figopedia which I think I’ve been using theses in the last 3 years exclusively. It’s where I’ve gained most of my accolades so I owe it strictly to those as that’s what I’ve used. The last tip I can give is 4) pick a model that can complement me bouncing around and omitting other things. But it’s always welcomed and I never mind talking miniature painting and how and why I favor certain things. you beast of a man you!!!

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    Added a few more trinkets and trinkets to the bases of the two that are currently in them. Never ever pinning in place until the end as accidents and me having to fix things often has happened all too many times!!! I get more and more done until the “GARDEN OF EDEN” is finito!!!

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