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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Hi! would you mind sharing your recipe for the mouth areas? As you can see in my GUO thread, I just started an ork and its very 2 tone for now. I think I need to add some yellow-ish highlights for the face and make the mouth a bit like yours - flesh and pink tones.


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    Sure thing Alexz3 on my next post you shall have it!!!

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    awesome and any tips for improving my GUO would be awesome as well ;p I love trying the new techniques you guys recommend, it always works out great.

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    Sure thing I’ll drop by a bit later have a look and see if anything jumps about and I’ll be sure to leave yhevrecuoe on my thread for you and anyone else if they fancy that. Np

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    Your such a tease! I am doing a happy dance bro. Can't wait to see em.
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    Lol hang tight my dear diggs.
    now onto other green things -here’s my efforts so far on this day Name:  5383ADF1-6861-4D8C-B609-A4CC220B9BF9.jpg
Views: 124
Size:  807.2 KBName:  0AA24BEC-1FC2-4910-92AA-A51D47BC2EDF.jpeg
Views: 125
Size:  1.58 MBstarting to look like there looking at me!!!

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    Imagine sucking face with these shmackers!!! Lol

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    I’m SBS for Alexz3 and anybody else who would be interested .
    Everyone knows I live orks they are the greatest and cookiest specie in fantasy. They also benefit very nicely from opposing colors and complimentary colors such as red/ green. This also means desaturated green and pink and so on and so fourth. You
    1) take Elysian green (over a brown primer) and paint on as abase color
    2) apply a liberal wash generally over the entire face , head etc of carrosburg crimson.
    3) reapply the Elysian green leaving the prior color shining thru and in the recesses .
    4) apply Elysian green and ogryn camo in a 50/50 mix on the raised areas covering less area this time.- covering less and less areas as if a roof tile overlapping fashion will help give a 3D appearance.
    5) ogryn camo in its own.
    6) to get a more intense color you can apply the ogryn camo diluted (as allpaints should be) OVER AND OVER on the upper mouth and lower lip area .
    7) now add bleached bone to the ogryn camo 50/50 and dilute (I always dilute my highlights 3-1 this way I have control,same here)
    and add it twice as always covering less and less area as you approach towards the open mouth.thats where the color should gather brightest on the upper lip just above the mouth and lower lip just below the mouth as well.
    8) now for the inside of the mouth first add screamer pink with abut of white dilute and paint the work inside of the mouth teeth ,gums etc.
    9) now things out blood for the blood god and wash that in to the inner most part of the mouth the tech all the negative space and the gums.hughlight the gums as normal
    10) get some blood letter red and thin it out really thin it should resemble water with a slight tint.
    - keep glazing on the areas you see in my images where the upper and lower lip look to get tinted. Pass as many times to get your desired time. I pass about 4-6 times.

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    thanks for the detailed instructions! will try it out on the next Ork I paint.

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    ​Yeah, thanks, bud!

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    Ok so more progress any questions illañways be glad to address otherwise I normally just upload pics for myself to keep vlose visual progress and for others to look at as well.
    Name:  60DD358D-9634-46DB-8392-8E4AA5A702E7.jpg
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    And well start it up again tomorrow. Name:  29210594-988F-4F93-870A-42B94965985B.jpg
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    That string of sausages coming out the rucksack cracked me up. Awesome character to these minis. Top work as ever bud

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    Great looking green skins. Face is animated by the sculpt and painting. Waiting to see where you take the rest of the story when you have them painted.
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    I probably would paint with them better.

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    Looking beautifully hideous as always! Can't wait to see more of the bust!

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    Yeah maaan!!! Thanks foxy thanks USMC (thank you for your servicemate !!!)
    and the you Bderricks my brutha from da utha mutha!!!
    your allgoldrn. So this is my long term project. As the bases Oseas I have will take forever Alone. I also have planned 2-3 goblins from Rackham to fit in. So hang tight and enjoy the ride.btw I will have some other side projects as well. GW style.

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    Alrighty guys when I show you folks the model I’m taking s crack at you’ll say BaMdont do that!!!

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    That bust turned out great. The BAM weathering of the shoulder guard is awesome.

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    they are looking great, love em. you getting so much life and character out of them. really cool to watch .
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