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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Awesome stuff, as always. Squiggies have really nice faces and teeth with thad rad oats! I've also admire all the pimples on the gitz, this is very cool.

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    those squigs look like total psychos! loving the progress on the gits buddy!

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    Thanks guys sooo much more to be done on everything- soldiering on!!!
    keep in mind that all my models are much more attractive in person. However Janet’s pics are the best for viewers without that option .Name:  0AFA6917-2AA7-45B8-ACF8-AC35E98D0209.jpg
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    All looking great buddy! Would love some close up shots of those gellerpox

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    U got it matey gellerpox coming up ala Janet tomorrow.

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    Janet has a couple of things to do so I’ll put these up -these are some up close and personal photos of the gellerpox big N nasty beasties enjoy Name:  3FF0B385-2700-47C2-A68B-C27461CB7392.jpeg
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    Okay, what the heck is the color of the hair on the guy with the tummy mouths? In your wife's pics it looks bluish over most of it, but in yours it looks black with just a hint of blue near the ends.

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    Lololol I haven’t decided yet but your right it is a cold blackATM!!!

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    Solidly awesome work, as per usual mate!

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    You sir are the master of nurgle painting !!! It’s all looking really good...
    now something I have to mention looking back through your pics, is the application of fingernails to your gitz, they are painted really nicely to a point where they actually seem sculpted. Really nice little master touch you have added, oh and you can consider that idea stolen when I put the finishing touches on mine great stuff mate!!!

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    I like them all very much, crazy work like always. The only thing that bothers me is the tongue from the first guy, it blends to much with the skin, a purplish or greenish hue would of make it stand out much more.

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    Woah! Really disgusting paint job (in a good way)

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    Cheers for the close ups man! Disgustingly glossy and gritty.

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    They look awesome BaM! Disgustingly gross yet beautiful at the same time

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    Those Gitz and the GellerPox crew look awesome BAM, always admire your ability to layer up the filth on your squads....just when you think its comes some more refined filth!

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    Thanks gents much to do but always civering ground.Name:  C386CE24-30F4-45F8-B5DB-BB3FFCEB0F60.jpeg
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    Ok here is zarbags andais group of merry pricks(neegan) I’ve prepped the two other RT minis. And I’ve finished off the bow work on the gobbos. Tomorrow real pictures Name:  50A5533A-E211-48FF-8742-84E8B280DA40.jpeg
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    Loving all the attention to detail on the Nurgs BAM. Big fan of your work.

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    Nice. The Cthulhu-bopper is my favorite of the big ugliest. I was afraid you were neglecting him.

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    Most work ever on the desk. However it all yields practice. As long as you paint each and every model ,commission or otherwise, with asnice heart then this will yield progression and advancement. You alphabet seen me see things through from crystal brush, Golden deon , nova any of my entrieshave the same care as the commissions. Today I’ll start actually painting the other 2 RT beasties. And the goblins will have even more work done to them. Their will be pictures to show them at the end of the day. Also now in the daytime here are some pics that show the countless hours of work that have gone into the gobbos. Hopefully they will have such warm reception as the skeleton sepulchral guard.Name:  CF6B8802-D535-4113-8B0D-88AEBE5271B6.jpeg
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