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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    creepy nightmare progress shot there Bam! I like the greens you going on there as well as the fleashy tenticles.

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    Those latest tweaks really up the creepy eew factor. The green tinge, the stitches, and that pocket of pustules...ewwwww!

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    Janet’s next piece part of a guild ball team commission.Name:  7A3B35AE-AB59-430E-A401-AE52DD346D1B.jpg
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    I don't comment enough on your thread BAM because I have trouble keeping up with your amazing work rate but that latest mini will be cool to see it completed. I will be following with interest as there is always amazing stuff going on in this thread!

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    No probs Kuribo - I understand.
    Yeah Janet’s getting very good she’ll pass me in no time. I’m so proud of my girl the way she picked up painting very quick and let’s dace it she had a great teacher.

    Now that one is Janet’s these are mine-
    Name:  FE4C0BAC-01B0-414B-B6D7-0AE99DA228CD.jpeg
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Size:  1.58 MBName:  5F81BCD9-407A-4EAE-BA24-2BC1B03E589F.jpeg
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    Tentacle face dude is looking really good there. Really like the start of the GB figure as well, she has done a great job on the face!

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    Progresss still working harder than hard finally satisfied with the scale ork that’s paknted on by mwa !!! Here’s a few shots of Janet’s untouched photos. When your happy with your photos and their raw take then it’s safe to say you happy with everything else. Name:  EA6A7249-8AA1-4B4E-8214-B09DB38E8FA0.jpeg
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Size:  1.57 MBName:  2B148728-0D3D-4305-BAAD-22587D64B0C8.jpg
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Size:  808.5 KBName:  A8DF988F-B977-4E08-A5FA-DED0364CB308.jpeg
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    Gribble-Face is just awesome buddy. Absolutely loving that colour transition towards his squid arm.

    Janet’s made some great progress too

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    So beautifully disgusting!

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    Morning start off!!!Name:  E3A69DF7-BAAA-45B2-95BF-5CB2C851AE28.jpeg
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Size:  529.5 KBstay tuned!!!

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    You preggers? Cause that is what I would call morning sickness bro.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    That tentacle guy looks incredible, I mean the whole squad does too, but that guy is something else.

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    Preggers!!!! Lololololol thanks dogs and welcome back the revenant is here .

    woo hooo the gang is back.

    Heres brother garus he w ya in too.Name:  F6FE1CB8-BB13-48B4-90CE-AD95DBD4AFF3.jpeg
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Size:  1.12 MBName:  EABE44E1-BE9F-4AB0-AD78-5037178867D6.jpeg
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Size:  1.02 MBName:  A866F71D-CA55-4D38-93E8-F12959368664.jpeg
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Size:  1,015.7 KBstill a lot to do on this guy and still not done with his mug.

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    Dang, he looks like he is missing the same teeth as my daughter.

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    I’m on it- but tomorrow . Now I’m just too tired to look at rednecked meth dealers who dabble in the moonshine business !!! Thanks krule !!!! lolololl don’t forget the tooth fairy for the children. ;$

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    Gribbleface is awesome, just like everyone said. The green is such a great addition. You were right to go for it! The creative energy in your house is crackling, bud!

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    On this long tumultuous road. I started out with my idea that you have to finish a project even more important finish s meach model to keep leveling up. It works for me -my not work for everybody . In the interim I’m getting to the finished mark maybe another month.but again in that Month I’ll have finished 2 u it’s one 9 models and one 7 models deep. Along with that other projects. So I simply get more quality work done the more I have in front of me. The key is it keeps you from getting board. Here’s where things are currently atm Name:  C8BD5A69-7571-4FCE-BA2C-E186E28EC7D8.jpeg
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Size:  1.23 MBName:  FACA01C9-35A7-4B25-BCF7-21E64D688C49.jpeg
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Size:  1.13 MBName:  107B8030-573A-4E42-9169-5E3D19BB0367.jpeg
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Size:  1.28 MBName:  37E8E7E5-FF68-4722-AD73-20CA291439CF.jpeg
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Size:  1.67 MBName:  9D35D80D-E076-4A79-A212-9E80FB1B22C6.jpg
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Size:  770.4 KBName:  C763DEB5-10E2-4824-8BEB-C91EDC746C8C.jpg
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Size:  883.3 KBName:  279CA9CA-E6DF-4E65-ABFE-DBB579F5072C.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  753.1 KBHonestly I feel it’s some of the best work I’ve done as far as my units go.

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    Honestly I feel it’s some of the best work I’ve done as far as my units go.
    Absolutely. Though I really loved your Bloodbowl team and the Nurgle guys already I think you managed to even bring it further with these guys. The atmosphere is great and all the grime and gore on the large skin parts looks fantastic. Really captures the grim dark universe!

    The space marine head looks great to so far. The missing teeth are a great idea and give a lot of character to the mini. Leads to the question why I never saw that before ^^ But it's funny to think of how he lost his teeth. I could imagine something like an orc boss and a powefist might have been involved lolol

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    I always liked skillets fight with the ogre fighting the orc and a tooth flying out and not to mention mark Lifton “eye for an eye tooth for a tooth duel” just great stuff. Thanks CY!!!!

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