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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Top notch weathering as per usual. I don’t think any of those guys will be running anybody down. They all look pretty (h)armless to me.

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    Love those dirtbikes man! You should place them all together like they are racing!!! It's still mindblowing how you can paint dirt in such a beautiful way!

    Keep on splashing,


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    Hahaha thanks krule ,bullfrog(always great to hear you around these parts jo)
    and gino my friend thank you soo much always with the warmest words.always a great feeling to hear this from you gino. Hope you are well bud.

    now guys I’ve posted up the loonboss he’s awaiting clearance from the moderates.
    heres the link

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    Excellent work and it was my pleasure to vote on the loonboss, BAM! I look forward to seeing your next updates as always

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    Thanks Kuribo !!!!
    Update maybe tomorrow I’m fighting all day putting alienation slag type markings on 7 tiny heads. Can’t rush this stiff.

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    Voted and comment left... amazing piece of work. Making me hungry for more! :-)

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    Guys I want to update with some daylight photos- heres 5 heads but I always try to do every head in a lot 1) in case of a screw up as it 2xs as hard and unforgiving to strip a head. 2) I’ll always have them done for future use.
    presemting 3 males and 2 females hybrids for the riders of my atalan riders - Name:  D6BAFFCD-3FA8-436A-954F-0C9A5E01BD5C.jpeg
Views: 101
Size:  1.45 MBName:  573EFE65-405B-48B6-9C10-BA9FCE5B492E.jpeg
Views: 98
Size:  1.58 MBName:  6742BE5D-89AB-4C50-9553-C3D160BA6F2F.jpeg
Views: 99
Size:  1.32 MBName:  0DA82AB2-A456-4029-BF79-F5D5A190A790.jpeg
Views: 99
Size:  1.54 MBName:  8CEBC95F-7506-4353-AB0C-1A96749F4CBC.jpeg
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Size:  1.35 MBName:  788122C7-2C85-4DED-8789-C95F038CC16C.jpeg
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Size:  1.72 MB

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    Nice details on the heads. Reminds me somehow to Star Wars.
    Just warched an Episode Clone Wars, with similar looking Aliens

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    Lololol i know exactly what your talking bout mate.

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    Love the ones with the yellow goggles. Keep up the good work, my man.

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    FNA, those look sweet. Never thought of securing heads to spruce like that, nor using a rod like that; I’ve just been drilling a tiny hole, and plopping them on a toothpick like a pike. Thanks for the idea!

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    really liking the effect on their goggles

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    Thanks all -
    Dabeebs - I aim ta please mate. You never know when something so simple can help others!!!

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    Here’s a big ol fat update on a few of the things on my plate. Toadie I’ve started your drogmans eyes and will work out from there. Your update in the ne two days. Name:  0E716E72-4A57-4E63-8AD6-34D6166EB182.jpeg
Views: 70
Size:  1.35 MBName:  75D7902D-5205-44EF-96CD-11428ECC9672.jpeg
Views: 70
Size:  1.29 MBName:  41CAEB54-6ACB-4FEB-928F-B0F208D5D851.jpeg
Views: 69
Size:  1.86 MBName:  790483D1-008C-4693-854A-1FE0DE5EDDA1.jpeg
Views: 70
Size:  1.78 MBJust started the bodies of the bikers but really take a look at Janet’s kingdom death maiden. She’s very new and has been impressive in her skills even more so on this maidens eyes. She said she went for a « sombre eyes to the sky! - she’s getting much more skilled and I predict her silver medal from nova and her silver medal from MFCA are just the icebergs tip for this amazing misses!!!

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    Love head no.1
    The face freehand looks great! Always wanted to try that myself, finally I found a template xD

    Really excited about the Dragon Merchant Bust (hope I remembered the name correctly). Saw some versions already and thought to myself, "That sculpt looks like it could be interesting for BAM ^^ "
    Looking forward to your progress

    Edit: You are faster then anybody can think of -.- ^^

    Skin looks great so far. Love the eyes! The fact they watch in different directions really adds up to the zombie feeling.
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    Cyanide this is stricknine over.... lol so glad your back round these parts buddy. Yeah if it’s alien , undead or rotten I’ve done it ,I’ve lived it and will continue to pour my hearts soul into every decrepit piece!!! Thanks you again my froemd.

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    Default Here’s a very early start

    On the armors of the alien scum !!! Stay tuned I’ll be hitting this hard and heavy tomorrow as I’m fine for tonight mates. Name:  843C3D23-6A1F-4EAB-BD71-BDA94A9234A9.jpg
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    Man, Janet’s eyes are better than mine and I’ve been painting since I was 16. ( I’m not going to mention that’s 32 years ago.)

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    Great job on the Cultists and Janet's KD figure is looking great too. But why the half right side up the others sideways?
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