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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Lololol I love it.

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    Looking forward to the bases
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Really nice looking group, but shouldn't it be "Sons of BaMarchy"?

    BAM it all these are a cool squad!

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    These are awesome man, straight outta Mad Max.

    The wrench being carried by the quad rider looks like it needs the BAM treatment. Only new looking thing in the entire squad. Then again, maybe he hit someone so hard with his last beat stick that he broke it and had to get a replacement?

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    Actually I really like the wrench as is. Stands out and for some reason puts a smile on my face!

    (Wow, you're at 500 pages? Impressive!)

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    Oh yeah my man Gregg - I still have the rider to paint but yes your right Bammer treatment is en route. thanks Dr bob. Thanks mr smalling .And thanks Krulebear !!!
    you guys rock.

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    500 pages !!!! well that is a lot more then mine Nice figures also

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Holy shioli- Kretcher is that you - awesome for stopping by mate!!!

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    I just want to be on page 500.

    Ok, ok, the damn genestealers look nice, too.

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    Excellent Bam, they are the mutts nuts mate

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    I will be close to retirement, once my WIP will reach 500 pages. Good job in entertaining us with your artistic work uncle BaM.
    Let's see how long it will take to turn this thread onto 1000 pages!

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    Gimme 5 more years ))$))) I’m going into overdrive!!!! And btw YOUR ALL MOST WELCOME. As long as you guys are enjoying the work and the thread why take away a Blinky from a newborn . I will continue to have my journey of how many awards I can muster along with how many folks I can inspire, make happy and plain ol enjoy the stuff I aspire to do better and better. All of you make it possible- aside from the long line of judges ,Y’ALL are the men and women I always have in mind to impress with my work.
    Uncle BAMMERS!!!

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    Working throughout the morning the rider is still being worked on- highlights,shades ,weathering still needed. But again for cohesiveness I’ve take some photos of all of them at this particular stage of this project. Guys 500 pages feels good but keep in mind I update for myself and the thread audience quite a that’s a big part of getting to 500 pages. I’m also very consistant on this thread.
    without further ado yet another update of the same ol models slightly more towards completion.Name:  B6D4C8BC-35DB-48BF-A5AA-24130590A993.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  851.9 KBName:  9567203B-D304-49CC-901B-7704B3A148A0.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  745.3 KBName:  AFB2C4D4-95A0-4985-9921-DB20FD2B0C1E.jpeg
Views: 130
Size:  1.82 MBName:  3DEA4CA1-1380-4333-861D-F634A1F81B8F.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  692.5 KBName:  E780740E-9F4D-45FB-8AA7-2E1779DBC533.jpg
Views: 127
Size:  766.8 KBName:  6D906C44-7181-485C-8C47-E121E2F49FC5.jpg
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Size:  805.6 KBName:  155CC28F-B970-49A8-84EB-E4F30A75FD8B.jpg
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    Wrench guy on the buggy is my favorite!

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    Happy anniversary, or something, and keep up the work!

    Sorry not commenting more in this thread, but it is so difficult for me, I always feel all the whoa!s and congrats and excellents so redundant...

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    LOLOL that’s totally fine lemming- lol I myself feel the same way!!! thanks for stopping by.

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    Again spamming on the anniversary page :-)
    What are your plans for the bases of these riders? The minis look almost ready for display, but the bases are still in virgin mode.
    And I'm joining others ... it's cool to stop by and recognizing how much high quality stuff is produced here.

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    Ahhhhh yes. Bases , bases ,bases. Well good news three are pretty far alongi working on the last two feverishly . I’m going to try and get the other two brought up to the same level of progress as the first three which I’ve semi colère a day ago. I have chose to do things a bit different . This difference I speak of really started doing on the last successful unit “gellerpox infected” from the rogue trader box set. I use almost exclusively beautiful 50 mm round bases with a 20mm thickness. I’ve used these throughout my crystal brush career . Since the news about golden demon I’ve decided to get as cool and as much a base theme as possible using these really great bases GW provided with the models. Ive always had a healthy envy towards the brutish painters and how the uk winners of golden demon and how they are able to make amazingly simple bases which speak volumes showing off the model as the viewing focus yet still retaining the theme and environment they’ve set out to accomplish . So hopefully by the end of the day you’ll see exactly what I mean-
    thank you all sincerely for all the praise.

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