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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    All joking aside -I wish I was that savvy at electronics and modelling- that is a kickass idea!!!!!!)))

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    A month to go and waaaay ahead of schedule!!!
    Name:  BAC2E427-98AB-4A43-B76C-D9EE3166333D.jpeg
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Size:  1.10 MBName:  4BC5F2A9-B029-43C4-BDB2-30002C8818BA.jpeg
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Size:  1.53 MBName:  6AB3223A-9826-4E45-B955-A916C0D6BA4F.jpeg
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    Looking awesome BaM. Those bloody barbarians are frightening :-)

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    This very quickly posted update is for no more a reason other than showing how opposing colors being about more contrast -
    the bases are kept darker along with dark green moss growing about. Gives a nice effect that enables the viewer to easily read the parts of the model that are the body from the base. Name:  628A3B74-1502-4ED4-87DE-3093B2F0EEE1.jpeg
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Size:  1.19 MBName:  8D6A965C-C3E6-42FD-B16C-3BE0A48ED643.jpeg
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    Thanks so much Krulebear for stopping by!!!! Your the best.

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    Ok so the finished sett is up on P&P and CMON- kindly go comment . This was quite lengthy a project to finish!!! ;-/


    and CMON’s link here:

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    Voted + comment left!
    What's the next project?

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    Ahhhhhwww I will post mins and Picts of them in the next day or so thanks

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    Graishak is right, these guys are absolutely terrifying. It is a huge compliment to your paint job that they look so lifelike (and scary). For me, the skin tones are what stand out the most but to only highlight those would be a disservice to the awesome looking armor and weapons. The moss on the base really ties it all together too!

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    These guys look great BaM! Love the bases, the skintones, the color choices! Very well done.

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    Really great job on these fellas. Can't wait to see them in person.

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    Thanks so much guys- remember we have to try and generate 50 votes. I depend on you guys .

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    looking good bam! are you heading for US golden demon?

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    Ohhh my thank you master Skelette -GD-ohh of course I’m excited in the greatest way possible Stefan!!!
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    Here’s the final photo guys-Name:  5DD70281-18CE-4B73-BAA1-BCDD75D49FC6.jpeg
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    i guess you should have like 200 different squads/regiments to choose from for GD?
    it suck that it doesnt seems to be an euro eddition this year...

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    Quality work as usual mate
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    That sucks skel!!!
    Btw thanks so much for stopping by guys!!! Your da best !!!

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    Ok I guess if nobody wants to do a miniature deathguard- I’ll have to take the reigns in this one- Name:  CEFCC810-228F-4E86-86D9-2878B9604365.jpeg
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