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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Awesome... I love the work on that stitched up belly, very gruesome

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    Can't wait to see them in better photos. They have so many awesome textures on that fleshy flesh, sooo gruesome groovy!

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    Green transitions on the new tentacle mouthed guy look great BAMM....guessing they are leading into the big tentacle arm? Works really well though, nice break between the plaguey mutations and gore.

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    Hey thanks a million guys. So I’m still polishing up and pushing through these two these 2 competition standard units. As I sayalwYs I’m alwayspai ting with keeping in my head that each piece should be hopefully worthy of me taking them to a painting comp. it keeps me motivated and always assured that I will not rush but take every little part of my models are painted to the best of my abilities and worthy of competing for prizes and accolades if I decide to pick them as an entry . Name:  4706022A-1AA2-4704-A439-5A5BF969322E.jpeg
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    Looking good Bam, love the addition of blood and grime to the net. The glow from the mushroom is good too

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    I’m so began to turn up the speed on these two-not to reuse but cognitively recognize I simply need a bit of more time in the day or waste no time in between coats etc. So the head honcho and his subtly glowing firefly and the mushroom are now getting more attention as well as I direct my brush towards the gobo fanatic. If you zoom in on the fly you can see the details. Name:  C7475E5F-8A35-4F64-9BD3-B0F00AE8C956.jpeg
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    Now everyone knows I’ve had two not one but two copies of Blackstone Fortress but what I do is always buy two or three-having some amazing friends in this industry , let’s just say it pays to be a likable guy. Thanks to my friends !!! You know who you are and thanks for the outstanding help you guys give this disabled pauper. Now I buy things for two reasons 1) it pays to have a nest egg of games that each year go OOP. Especially GW. Let’s take the game space hulk. Look what it’s selling for now online. It’s that investment I believe in. Annnd if my copy goes horribly wrong -let’s say Sam eats it-I have an extra which eats into the investment . Just being honest-now I’m crystal brushed out this contest is very expensive and had to pick so I picked the comp with the nicest triphiesin the industry -nova open-which has small 10 inch washington monuments made out of pure crystal-nice and heavy.ide rather have a chance to win that then a crystal paper thin medal. Crystal brush has honestly lost my fire due to not just the medal thing. However it’s mostly that.
    So also online foxtail has taught me that I can also have 1-2 or whatever if my fav models from a box set and still have my investment protected.
    so I will take all my knowledge of units and try my hand at singles as well. Here are my favorites so far that I might finish one or two of them before nova and MFCA.Attachment 71236 Brother Gary busey Lol , the insane robot from BF explorers group. And some of if not my fav of the chais threat -the rogue Psychers . STAY TUNED!!!

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    Hi uncle BaM, just to let you know... the linked attachment does not work.

    Honestly I'm jealous that you guys have something like Crystal Brush contests in the US... in Germany there's nothing, beside some local competitions at the GW store (+ Armies on Parade).

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    Yeah I just saw bud. Thanks graishak. I cannot believe there’s nothing in Germany -really that is uhhhgg I never would’ve though that.
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    Default Ok I’m all about being a catalyst

    Isn’t there a way where you and the others could band together and push for one use the folks at the local stores to host your own advertise etc.
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    I really like your Cthulhu band! It's awesome to see all the details you put in them, magnificent work!

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    Default So here’s my zarbags

    Still not done but I’m sure everybody was waiting for mine to have a paintalong. Well just call me Johnny come lately and also just know most of the time I’m at the table it’s painting units . So he is sold as a warband and he’s for the most part awaiting the rest to be done. Fo sho their getting there. Stay thnedName:  FEFB522E-580B-420B-95CF-ADD59344A868.jpg
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    Adding 3 or 4 more he’ll I may add 2 boxes of bloodbowl and 20boxes of whatever ferkin Kickstarter is coming out this week why because I caaaan!!! Ok maybe not that much but more work , different surfaces ,different colors diff techniques yields greater chances of levelling upZ here’s what I’m throwing in. 3 of the best models in the game -I actually feel these are the best of the both groups. I know we have all diff likes and interests . Name:  7E677066-827E-4055-83F2-FC6AF8C86090.jpg
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    That is a cool mini.

    Bummer you can’t make Adepticon, but definately understand. If the kids continue to be interested in the hobby I might be able to convince the wife to go to the Nova Open one of these years.

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    That be great to see you there bud. You and the fam!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Yeah I just saw bud. Thanks graishak. I cannot believe there’s nothing in Germany -really that is uhhhgg I never would’ve though that.
    Quoting Metallica "Sad, but true".
    I gotta talk to my local GW dealer about that... anyways you might have noticed, that the golden demon thing is as well very tiny nowadays in Europe...
    Would be interesting for me to participate more on such kind of events, but buying a ticket to the states just for that? Impossible.

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    Yeah I feel you G.i feel ya.

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    And if we talk here about competitions I don't feel that I could win something. In my country we have like a Hussar once a year but the competition is hard There are also some other kind of modeling competitions focused on RL vehicles, where there is always some category for figures, so maybe I will try there luck with my hetzer, messer, some paper plane and morty as one will be nearby in my hometown. Also there is other thing or little person which makes going anywhere more problematic

    And about those multiple boxset, I'm kinda hoard a lot of minis and I'm too worried about my budget to spend even more money on that kind of investment. ie I could buy blackstone fortress and sell separately all the minis I didn't wanted instead of buying the few I wanted, this way maybe I could even gain money. But there is a chance I wouldn't sell anything and hoard that plastic currency

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    Arrkhann I’ve been known for telling folks str8 up either 1) they Need to get better or 2) their good enough to enter.hussar is tough but I feel your work is exemplary. I really believe you have the talent to be viewed amongst such great work.

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    End of day- tomorrow back to the many other thing on the table here is my ending photography.Name:  7CFBEF18-71BC-4EB4-9B11-DCD31FC3EEA5.jpg
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