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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Soooooo much goodness! Attachments did not work in the last post though.

    One piece of criticism - I do not feel that the hair on the blue-haired, many-headed guy works. It seems flat in comparison to everything else. Is it still unfinished?

    Also - are these for Crystal Brush?

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    Soooo truuuue my man!!! Each model is still a wip . Each has diff degrees of things unfinished. The chap with the blue wig is unfinished and only has base color . ;-)
    thanks so muchos mate.
    Crystal brush I won’t be returning to . Much to much expensive . Ive been turned off to the whole way it’s been ran. It would’ve been great to see you bro. Now I turn my attn to NOVA.

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    Yeah mate so sorry. But I got my eye brother on you and your work. Voting will be done

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    ... if I actually manage to get something ready! I have a plan to paint an Other Side unit, but I constantly get mixed up with other projects!

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    Cracking stuff as always BaM, always got sweet flesh tones on your models

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    Bust is looking so good, BaM. As is that bobble-head Lebron dude jumping out of the gym.

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    Working diligently here there and everywhere!!! I’m hitting every bump and pullin out all stops.Name:  2BADBB21-23F0-47BD-AFE2-9961AD9DF9A3.jpeg
Views: 170
Size:  953.7 KBName:  2BAFB71C-E71E-497C-AB26-49B9B201B371.jpeg
Views: 178
Size:  1.43 MBName:  DCB75E39-34BE-43CB-B9E7-809E6764E257.jpeg
Views: 174
Size:  1.49 MBName:  911A4028-D539-4217-8B1B-98DF80C498E0.jpeg
Views: 179
Size:  1.47 MB Fish faces wristband and Biggs Ugg’s fly wazooos hair a two tone black(blue)/white still a W I p hang tight. Stayeth tunedeth!!!!!!

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    There we go, hair is just as amazing as the rest now! Damn I love these guys.

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    Not managed to comment in a while BAM but always keeping an eye on things.

    What a group! Particularly loving the Fly guy’s fly head and opposite horn (some lovely colouration in these), also the infected skin on the tentacle guy as the main body moves into tentacle.

    Would love to see have a proper hand on mini look at these. Nice start on the bust as well, funninky enough one of a few I have been thinking of painting as my next bust project.

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    Thanks soo much oistene. you da man!!!
    HAIRSTER ehhh my man.what up ? ))how goes there !!!
    Glad your still kicking. Thanks for stopping by . With all the forums we’re part of I feel ya how it’s hard to hit everybody. Easier for me to wait for conner and then hit you lads back.
    I’ll be updating all my boys forums today . I’m looking forward to see what next from you!!!!

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    Glorious puss filled painting! John blanche through and through
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Wow, these pictures really look great...the minis are rather disgusting, but the photos are great! Lol

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    Next unit up -GENEATEALER OFF-ROADERS!!! A bunch of hybrids on the roads with dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. You gotta love it!!!

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    Preview picture of the assembled group?

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    I'm loving GSC too, though mine are skulking around underground! Looking forward to seeing your off roaders!

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    Awesome work, I'm looking forward to seeing more of the big headed floating guy!

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    This robot is the scheme test for my bikes somught as well see him through !!! It’s basically paint, weather, tidy up.. repeat.Name:  EAC9325B-B1BB-4D12-B24B-DCC4A3999DCA.jpg
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Size:  780.9 KBName:  BFE97C74-49AA-4D5B-8B11-46FFA47059FC.jpg
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Size:  728.4 KBName:  76CDCA8A-6E4B-4ACE-9933-0750AC68C15D.jpg
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