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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    when a model that has 10 10/20 comments and the score drops from 9.2(9.2) in a second that's very flattering to give my models 1s I really bother some of you on cmon that much. Well that's just a way of saying the painting is good ! Grow up children really god dont like ugly and karmas a bitch!

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    This is nothing new happend a lot of times to me and lee and John. We're thinking of starting a petition to chern to redo the way the voting works as it needs freshening and changing with the times!
    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
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    I mean thanks Andy but I'm the gr8test at math but I know to gain or drop and average 10ths of a point you need a 10 to raise and a. 1 to lower and I wouldn't mind if somebody said okay here's a one because they do like my face or that I use mustard on my fries whatever but man I openly declare to these bone heads to name a competition and I guarantee IDE place highs than these children. If you do a petition I'm all in maybe where only leaving a comment is the only way you can vote or something just boils me not that the score drops but why it's being given just spineless childish nonsense . If a score so important to rank above me or andy g or 10 ball and the rest of the cmon pro standard painters then just go practice and get better. Jellyfish / squids / people who leave 1s all have in common what... No spine yaaaaaay!! Lol

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    DON'T FORGET TO VOTE GUYS ON MY WORK TO COMBAT THE INJUSTICES. Calling on all my friends and supporters to comment and vote in my 3 newest works 1 my FREEBOOTERZ squad. My ork nob and grot vignette . And Volgor thanks .

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    Stunning work and greg paint , i love it !
    Cheers .

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    Ouch my neck Lovin' the gritty look, balance is spot on. Gratz

    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. Edgar Degas.

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    Thanks Dennis it's appreciated

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    This is where we are at folks.Name:  image.jpg
Views: 874
Size:  699.4 KBName:  image.jpg
Views: 882
Size:  1.76 MB I must say I've never would've tried these color combos the WAy DRAGONSREACH WAS EXPLAINING BUT I SAY THIS IF YOUR ON A FORUM AND NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO ALL THIS GREAT FREE ADVICE what's the point. This is the most fun I've had painting minis in a long time.thanks t everybody's feedback. Your all gems of human beings, gr8 artists and amazingly friendly people(except for you spineless jellyfish out there) :/ thanks to all guys.
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    Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  1.59 MBShowing the skin how I've done what DR has requested laying in red shades for deepened shadows, transition colors from dark grn to red to light grn and highlighting with warboss grn an elf flesh applied extra thin and small increments. It's not exactly what he had in no f but def the best recipe I've been given for ork skin and any green for that matter in 25+ years as a professional miniature painter. It's going to take awhile for me to get it exactly what he has in mind. Welp practice makes perfect so back to the bench. I literally after being disabled I do nothing but paint I've been blessed not so much because of the fact I can't use my right arm but I did meet my fiancé whom I love very much and the fact that my painting has excelled and can actually feel good enough bout my work to feel I can give comments advice pointers etc. this cmon I call" mini painting university" it's the hoge arts of model painting with a bunch of dumbledores, snapes and serious blacks.

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    Really détailled paint ! compliments .

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    thanks vin gr8 compliment from the maestro !

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    Default BoodASmediums W I P CONTINUES

    Stay tuned folks everybody comments how many mini I turn out and how fast I am. But again it's not that I rush or don't spend time layering like others as a matter of FACT it's all I do is sit at my workplace 10s of hours in end only stoping for a bit of pg tips tea and food for sustenance. I'm mot like others in the sense I have a normal job as I've mentioned and still hurts to say I am PERMANANTLY disabled from a fighting Injury that left my don arm in ice . Literally I prop it up using my left arm in a painting position then paint. Again the way things turned out unfortunate yes but I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world. I've been blessed with other talents and a beautiful fiancé
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    ​I live you baby !!! Thanks for all you've done for me and my craft. Your the greatest!

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    Another one of my new works. I keep thinking like someone mentiined( zozimus) the Benny hill show where he's smack the bald head of his 99 yo sidekick! I know all you Brits out there remember that show :0
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    Image is too small I think to see it here. I'll check out your gallery and make sure to balance out all those 1 voting haters. BTW that Orc skin is lovely! You're onto something there! I don't think it'll take much more practice looks like you got it down brother. Really excited to see your next project, but I must say that you green skins are incredible. Good work as everything you have demonstrated since starting this WIP is a 9+. Props!!!

    beautful fiancé! I hope you two can start a family and wish the best for you both. It's good that she support your artistic talents. Keep on keeping on!!!
    ​You are ranked 1 out of 9149 artists.
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    T​hank you bloodfather that means so much to me I can't even express how your post made me feel brother. Thank you deeply.

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    As an appreciator of female architecture I have to say Lucky You!
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
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    , and proud of it.

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    ​lol thanks much DR .

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    Okay folks moved into the third ork and in midstream decided to make an ork nob squad this batch in painting there's just not a freebooter look but what I can tell all is that after I finish up these three in the next day or so I will be adding to this squad the" NEW WARBOSS" from the storm law boxed set I purchased 3 box sets all so I can have 3 ork war bosses . Probably my favorite ork sculpt ever since I laid eyes on it in the white dwarf weekly #24 so here's where I'm at currently still trying to get the colors right alot of diff consistancies(all thin , very thin) just to get the hang of this new recipe. Still alot more practice to be done to get of exactly as what DRAGONSREACH has been showing me and keeping me on this new path of a new green it's very subdued very cooled down do opposite of the yellow(warm richness) I give my original orks that you see in my gallery. Do here's a pic to show where still progressing
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    I'm kinda dead in the water as I need more decals (I'm not a freehand artist by no means) so my buddy tracked down an old sheet bout 10 years old so the checks are on waiting for the varnish gloss glaze to dry so I can blend on the rust so then it will mesh with the other metal surfaces. It was all last night applying decals which I'm normally very fast at except when and old decal sheet literally is cracking and tearing very easily from being very old. Oh well hot em in as best I up finishe the metal work and back banners of the first two I darted then the trousers and shirt (with blood , tears, texture and dirt ) then whelk finish the three and yaaaahoooo time to start on the reason I bought the storm law boxed art (the warboss) )))) so excited!
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