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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Great work Bam ! Bases and paint job looks great! I must say this is one of the best painted blood bowl miniatures i have seen on internet.
    Astonish work !

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    Well the family is growing very large and we've started the work on the death roller : Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  393.1 KB the pics of the death roller are tough as I have mentioned jannie uses a 4:1 daylight bulb ratio which is perfect or jewelry miniatures however with squads this big the further that are stretched out thirds the 4 light side they tend to get washed out pretty bad. And guys before any genius tells me reduce the bulbs to 1:1 it's still doesn't matter as its how they are arranged that makes it tough. So here are some natural. Light pics at my desk to give your eyes another reading of this bloody disgusting gut squasher / meat grinding goodness!!!Name:  image.jpg
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    Its arrived!!! Looking good! The all-star team finally has its secret weapon.

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    I love the death roller, such a cool mini. And it's looking great already!

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    What!!! Since when can you have a tank in the game of bloody Fooze ball. Lol
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    ." -Me-

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    Whatever the photo quality is, you can see what lovely work this is mate. Nothing like setting a high standard for the rest of us.
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    Trying to get things done alot on my plate a move , a project , nova and diggs don't think I forgot you !!! Be a while but ill get re done matey. So I'm trying but who knows here's some more progress in the roller Name:  image.jpg
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    Thank you guys Derek,Malloy ,diggs,guawol!!!! Gold-en

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    I see the team is coming together... that Death Roller is almost like cheating, it looks like it was made to be painted by BAM.

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    I think it needs some WD-40

    Have you thought about attaching an old manual lawn mower blade to the front? May as well trim the grass while you're mowing down goblins?

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    Lol @Foxtail, whole team is looking great Bam.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Brilliantly done, as usual. I really like the new Death Roller model, much better than the old push mower style (Foxtail's pic is definitely in the spirit of the old one!). Is there a gobbo or something in there to drive it?

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    Thanks Greg, OIST ,diggie , Foxy , and my boy ROTTEN !!!

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    Greg great that your back looking forward ALWAYS to your exceptional work.
    @GREG. This is a "dwarf death roller" the lil stuntie goes on the back seat which is hard to see from this angle. Once it's fully complete it should make a bit more sense to the eye.

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    The turquoise colour is really bringing these together, well done mate.
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    Yeah, just after I posted the comment I saw a pic of the complete model on another page. I'll just have to be patient and see what you do with the driver. You're quick though, I imagine you'll be done in no time. I'd have been painting this team for years, probably since the last edition of BloodBowl.

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    Thanks lee and Greg!!! Now EVERYTHING always gets completed!!! Soo now have. A bunch of those bases which I live pairing up with hybrids. I have most of the bases work completed just have to paint on the yellow parts (chevrons) and then blend in a few places on the flesh making things more subtle and ill have these , if all goes according to plan as an 8th squad/ unit/ regiment for Capitol palette !!!
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    You can all see the pics suffering of the daylight bulbs that have blown out so now on top of everything me and my very patient girl are awaiting 3 bulbs ..the 4:1 set up isn't the greatest for minis but you can see on the pics of the genestealers above how the 1:1 makes the color suffer by giving the left (my left) a yellowish tinge to the models. The last three from the right are the color they should be with the bulb set up at its full efficiency!

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    Great job on the genestealers! Sucks about the bulbs, I dont see to much difference, but can understand that the great artists of miniature painting tend to be perfectionist and have a great observation ability for minute detail.

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