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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    looking good BAM, really nice tones in the flesh and bits of blood and stuff add a nice bit of interest

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    Wow looks great, particularly love the base

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    Name:  19498149-64F3-42BB-B214-6F51431F0F07.jpg
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    New technique , tip etc SKULLS HAVE SUTURES.
    if your going to put cracks- it’s best to know your skull anatomy and then you’ll réalise that the cracks and chips could be along those lines. 3rd image shows this.

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    the cracks on the skulls are placed very well.. the whole piece is looking grand

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    Yeah, those cracks/sutures in the skulls are great little details. That's something I'll have to remember to add next time I paint skulls. See, this is the sort of special knowledge you get by bashing in some skulls like BAM used to. ;P

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    There's actually more sutures in infants, err should you need to paint an infant's skull, the forehead is made of 2 plates which fuse in the middle pretty early on, ionly know because they were worried about his head because his forehead suture fused too early, don't worry it turned out not to be a problem in the end, great little detail bam

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    Lololol thanks mr Powell !!! More like I wanted to see what my skull was like before I got it bashed in. Lllooollll ahh those those good ol days nonetheless. Thanks again davey.
    sicks I’ll rem that next time I put an infants skull- you madman you...
    and here is another update of those all star adversaries - all you need is a ticket and a dream baby - CB here they come-
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    The skull work is out of this world...on a separate note I am a little worried about Sicks nowlol.

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    Love the pirate orks! great job with the mod and the painting

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    Really nice work on the skulls man...wouldnt have thought of doing anything like that

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    Those all stars are freaking awesome and gel perfectly as a team... outstanding work on these guys...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    The skull work is out of this world...on a separate note I am a little worried about Sicks nowlol.
    Maybe I should lay off the horror films and games for a bit

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    The painting of the skull rocks man. But I'm a bit dissapointed : when will you start hollowing the skulls out? another important detail me think.

    Keep it cool man,


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    Rocking this work.
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    Love the shadow demon. I wanted to point out that you needed a few more highlights on the skulls, but seems like you sorted that out already.

    And the BB team is just amazeballs.

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    To awaken this morn to this whopping bundle of commentary was just elation . I saw these / who left them and just smiled ear to ear.
    Ide like to thank canny,kruley,luisjoy,roguesquirrel,chaotic creations ,sucks,DRAGONSREACH(ty so much my friend),guno(THE DOPEST),listener.
    and BAILS,and coyotebreaks.
    U R all golden.

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    Ass always your minis are gold quality! I really, really like the personality and movement that the whole team have!

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    Thank you thank you thank you mr BANANAS. Always a pleasure to read your feedback and it’s always well recieved with the warmest appreciation.

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