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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Default Dont for a minute

    Think that’s all I have for you- in the midst of commissions, my other CB entries and the Etsy shop- I’m nowhere near finished and have much more for you all!!!Name:  AAEA76D4-6DBD-47BF-A0BE-886C99077434.jpg
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    The Dark Age guy looks kick ass, the Blood Bowl team is amazing and this bust is clearly just an ad for the Game Room Store :P

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    Lololol clearly !!! LOLOL you know I go on Pinterest for my w I p posts!! That’s just how I roll!! Lol thanks keep painting any dark ages you have in case that do have it we cannot let fera face breath any relief!!!

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    Slow down BaM! You output more than the rest of us here combined!

    Awesome work as ever buddy.
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    Lol I can’t stop once I get going if it were the il days ide R.I.P. a lino of the snowflake and not stop till my next birthday !!! LOLOL thanks grande FOXY.

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    This is something I try to play with but 10,Skelette, Andy, baily and other artists have started to get me thinking so I try always to have my minis look organic, alive and kicking. Just as if you are looking at a mini,a bust,an Etc from a distance. It takes slot of back and fourth shading and highlighting with of course me as the final verdict as I am proficient enough to no when something is a good balance. However I’ve been pushing the contrasts if I feel something is good enough in its balance I’ve started going further and further and this eg has worked most excellent . If you compare the top photo and this one you’ll see a drastic diff.the first photo is the one I posted earlier and it recieved oohs and ahhhs but look at the next 3. My point not only in regards to contrasts, but freehand etc etc. DONT BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING YOUR NOT PROFICIENT AT YET. I’m not saying to do this type of thing for s compétition piece but when you paint do things to get you better cause the only way you’ll get better is to start it.
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    Couldn't agree more mate, sometimes you gotta push yourself to try even though you know you might fail but until you start trying new things you won't start learning them

    Looks great btw, the extra highlights really help it stand out

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    the only place we grow is outside our comfort zones.

    looking great so far. and those bold bowl dudes all together looked amazing. nice job

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    So after 5 hours in I’m at this point of the bust and so now I need to at least start the rest of the skin on the bust even though the the face isn’t finished. My reasoning is to not get too far in and as of now I’m remembering most of the steps ,recipes etc etc, so I’ll hit the other skin areas so I can have them match as close as possible . After 6 years on the CMon society and 43.5 years in the forums I’ve learned enough to not really write things down anymore and rely on my autopilot paint routine and muscle memory of what I use ,colors I pick etc etc. Most often do I never get a Match in anything like this on the first try rather I pick at it back and fourth adding here and there until it’s right.
    Name:  04CBB5E6-5D93-40A6-95C3-0C3E3835C949.jpg
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    That looks so life-like, it's crazy! Love the eyes! Nice work, BAM, as always!

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    Thanks Michou OCT!!!

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    The face has come alive! Er, well, as alive as an undead thing can be. Looking great.

    And don't you worry, my Dark Age model will be entered in CB. I actually started building the base last night. Hopefully Bailey paints his model and few others bring one as well (you know Frank will have his :P) so Jen will be forced to bring the sponsor awards back.

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    Thanks flu!!! Noish noish noish- we cant let that fucka cash in this year... nossiribob - not this time there will not be any cheap wins for him from here on in- we’ll see to that

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    man thats next levels looking back at Viking man you have made a good jump. great contrast and some good tones in there.

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    That vampire lord is looking top notch...his mouth is very realistic looking.
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    Here’s a bit more bit more!!!Name:  7E0E2653-6E11-429B-993A-2B10675D66EE.jpg
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    Ok so alot done today and yet nothing done !!!! Everybody want to see me kill this armor ala Bada BAM Bada Boom!!! Name:  C4456609-5AB8-4305-936B-9699FF8252C8.jpg
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    That’s the bust I just won !!! It’s lovely piece, can’t wait to start mine. Might have to do a challenge with you
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