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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    I can't vote yet on P&P ,I haven't got any projects up yet ,but will soon , I'll go leave you something nice though ...heheehhehehehe
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    Looking really good, Blood! You make such stark jumps from light to dark, & yet manage to ease the transitions with just a touch of mid-tone, making for some great contrast that doesn't look rushed. I'll be trying to copy that effect..

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    Excellent thanks terra- glad your taking the plunge!!!

    thri keen thank you so much my dear affilliate !!!

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    Sepulchral turned out killer’s all in the small touches and those cracks, fractures and cranial joints nail it.

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    Not sure if you saw this yet, but BAM's Sepulchral Guard made Volomir's 'Do Not Miss' list for the first week of 2018. That's pretty damn cool if you ask me!

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    Now you see this is why mr Powell is so damn great to all his copainters. On the internet I’m pretty much in a bubble. So if it weren’t for David half the things I’m so damn proud of myself for I wouldn’t normally see.
    yeah that’s pretty damn cool David. Thank you sooo much.

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    Thanks hairster!!! And thanks again David!!’ Still in disbelief !!! The small things in life eh!!!

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    Despite some of the amazing things I’ve pushed myself to do I’m having a successful short year. I think for the first time in a lengthy time I’ll say... from the bottom of my heart...this time to myself.....LEVEL UP DING DING DING ....FIND THE NEAREST SAVE POINT JOHNNY AND SAVE THAT FERKIN GAME!!!!!!! Lol

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    Ooh ooh ooh! Will there be a fancy cut-scene?
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    I feel like a good Rocky-style training montage would be appropriate

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    GIT UP YOU SUMAVABITCH !!! CAUSE MICKI LOVES YA!!!llllllllooooollllll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    I feel like a good Rocky-style training montage would be appropriate
    Oh yes. I definately endorse this idea!

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    *cue montage of BaM painting 100 minis in a week to the tune of eye of the tiger* congrats mate

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    Thanks all!!! CAN CAN , SICKO, Kruley(and mini me kruley)!!!

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    Yeah but if he's just saved the game does that mean there's going to be a lot of background story imagery and a lengthy wait for the next level to load up .....
    Proud owner of a Teronus TMM original.
    Carpe Diem Carpe Nocturne

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    Yeah definitely lololol gotta have 2 year cutscenes !!!

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    Voted on the skellies, love em they look awesome

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    Thanks much coyote !!!

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