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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    You know can I think you should check the new 200 skulls from GW they have I think those half ones. Saves you the trouble and a finger thanks mate!!! Always a pleasure from you bud!!!

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    Arena Rex dude is coming on really well as expected...always get flesh tone envy when I look at these such a nice tonal range.

    I bought the GW skulls the other day.....5 sprues of 340 skulls........all for the 7 bird skulls. Guess the others will come in handy at some point....

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    Why thanks so much hairster!!! Always amazing feeling to know another appreciates my damn good work!!!))

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    Getting close now - armagluedin place left arm to start working on than the inside of cape than the boots. At that point we’ll reassess and see what need to be tidied up, increase / decreased etc.Name:  EA800252-4CD5-43A2-BEF3-6EDA819D68F8.jpeg
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    I was going to get on here and make some snide remark about how you needed to work on technique but your shit looks so damn perfect I couldn't bring myself to do it . Your ability to paint skin tones is sickening. Great job and that guy just looks incredible.

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    Hahahaha thanks so much shrinekeeper. Comments like this just get me pumped to keep on going and bring the best models painted to the best of my ability. It is after all a spectator craft. And yourself your doing well just keep at it . Any questions I’ll be glad to help, share ideas etc. thanks you again my friend.

    And before ore I forget the best tip I can give to those looking to increase their painting standards is to always try your best to pick a model that is chiseld. In an article I wrote for figure painter magazine, I brought up the idea of who looks better under an overhead light source a regular joe with no tone, or a bodybuilder who is cut so deep you see every shadow , every muscle shape etc. same goes for mini painting.
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    boom boom! I will have to check these skulls out! need some ork ones for the crimson fists.
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    Yessir no artists should be without just throw everywhere their good like that. They have irks, beastmen 100ds if diff humanoid types and diff degrees of damage. They should’ve came out with that kit ages ago!! now go got can can !!!

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    BAM is the best! And what a cool guy too!That guy is amazing cuddo for the skin! I had those skulls in my hand and I said naahh I took the storm of sigmar box instead, the best deal around, for the price of a character you get a game box with dozen of dudes LOL plus dices and instructions... I have all the bits I need for my Protector squad base plus I got full stormcast and chaos dudes to practice on.

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    Yeah thats true MAM, I got the Dark imperium box for the same reason. BAM they do look awesome I just had a look but cant be too spendy. . .I have about 60-70 skulls left out of 100, only human I got from the local hobby shop. I will pick them up if I really need to or when I run out!

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    Better than what we had in the 90's, I had to decapitate so many skels LOL

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    It’s a good set....although not if you factor in that I effectively paid £15.00 for 7 4mm bird skulls.

    Amazing residual stash for ze bit box though!

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    Thanks Joce!!! I try my best!!! cans I understand.believeGW is expensive I fully concur buddy!!!

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    Haven’t posted good quality pictures since the sepulchral guard. So tonight I’ll be coaxing Janet into taking Aquila and some other stuff!!! And thank you to all who visit my thread regularly. I couldn’t have done this years entries without all your support!!! YOUR A GILDEN BATCH OF GILDED GOLD!!!

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    look forward to it. might see if I can coax my farther in-law in to doing some for me. he's got some good kit.

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    This is just a group shot of every entry for crystal - and 1 Arena Rex.:/
    class of 2018Name:  EBD891C3-FC41-45E7-8F70-BD3440EDB02C.jpg
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    i looove a shitty cellphone pic this way everything that god awesomely painted looks like a piece of feces, excrement , or simply a piece ‘o shit!!!
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    No go tonight (pms) do not want to tread those megaladon infested he’s based and here he is until tomorrows pro camera shot- hopefully.Attachment 64012

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    An awesome selection of models for this year BaM. All distinctive yet clearly in your style.
    Im sure they’ll do really well

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    This years for MAMs and FOX!!!!

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