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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Awesome stuff as usual, I like this skin tone much more than the typical green they use on official stuff. We just had a few snow days too,of course being in England that meant everything came to a stand still as soon as there was 5mm of snow on the ground

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    Lololol I didn’t think it snowed there. Hmmmm lol
    thanks sicks you da best !!! Can you see yourself getting better!!!

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    It's pretty rare but it does occasionally snow every 3-4 years maybe.

    Better as in painting? Yea sort of, faster at the general stuff now but I'm pushing more into freehand which I'm not great at but that's why we keep practicing

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    He's looking really good now . I like what your doing with the scroll

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    The scroll looks great and the final blue point on the trangle really solidifies the competition.

    Now huddle down, keep warm, and use the snow as an excuse to paint more minis.

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    Thanks sicks,coyote, and my dear friend and wonderful father of the year winner , and everyeats winner since the birth of his lil bear , Krulebear!!!
    hey Krulebear how’s the weather in Chicago? Anything !

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    Morning update up since 5:00am couldn’t sleep so I began painting again. I paint ALOT guys. It’s my sanctuary of good vibes and feel great source of enjoyment .Name:  C07F2746-4EC6-487B-8F90-3B7B3AA1F76B.jpg
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Size:  766.4 KBalso after 10 try’s :/ let’s just say a lot I finally hit the pupils on all eyes with the light catch point. Wheeew.

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    HELL YES !!!! He’s looking pretty freakn sweet now man, in a real sickly way!!!!!! Tell you what mate, you’ve put the box art to shame... this is how nurgle’s should be painted right here!!!

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    Thank you so Muchos CC !!! Yeah lil by Lil he’s coming along- this one was probably the most fun out of all of them- however my favorite is still the piper !!! Absolutely love that model!!!

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    Y Hanks a ton brother MaMs!!! Your the goods golden boy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Thanks sicks,coyote, and my dear friend and wonderful father of the year winner , and everyeats winner since the birth of his lil bear , Krulebear!!!
    hey Krulebear how’s the weather in Chicago? Anything !
    lol! Thanks BAM. Here in central Illinois is not bad..just above freezing and sunny, but I have heard they are getting snow further north in Chicago.

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    Ok guys arm is assembled !!! Now to start tidy up try to complete each section -repeat over and over with plenty of pics until I’m happy!!!whos the master of the plague god!!!!Name:  EC627047-57DB-4E1F-84C1-09B67485E410.jpeg
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    he's an ugly son of a bitch


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    Yeah he’s a real piece O shit!!!!!lololol

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    Everything about that mouth is out of the park, the teeth and tongue superb. Bring the rest up a tad as all I can do is gawp at the gub and miss the rest. You gonna add more contrast between the claws n flesh buddy? n possibly the scroll, albeit great, 'tis so similar in hue and tone methinx... only babbling, sure you'll be crankin' up the grey matter

    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. Edgar Degas.

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    I see what you did there you smarty paints! nice use of the blue . Hes lovely in his own special way. I have been reading the dark Imperium book all these new nurgle guys are in it. Along with Felix the Primaris captian in the grav armour.

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    Thanks guys for every single commrnt-
    dennis glad your back- babble on my young squire it’s all good-I’m still fighting with weather I want the fingernails matching the skin or weather I bring it up . only time will tell.
    as for that scrivener the scroll is def meant to resemble the skin a bit to tie it in. With the beige a the green there is still a diff in color those claws are not touched yet as I have to paint that left arm first- procrastinator - I’m guilty Lololol I promise I’ll git to it today.

    canny thanks so much for noticing my blue thingie!!!
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    Guys quick note -again awhile back I described the focal point of the piper- if everybody is going towards the tongue or heart your 100% right- the face is covered by a thick hood- models at 28 mm do not create shadow from lighted enviorments the same way as a human-WELL THIS MODEL CERTAINLY DOES. That hood is hanging way over and outward also the face is recessed in this hood. That face you see is almost everywhere PURE WHITE- it doesn’t matter as you can see. When I got the model I looked at the art and was immediately in love with the heart and toungec(second) that’s where my eyes went on the artwork as well. The ONLY WAY ATO GET THE FACE TO BE A FOCAL IMHO IS TO PAINT EVERY OTHER THING AROUND IT IN DARK COLORS AND LEAVE THE FACE WHITE. Not the plan I had no sir. Can you imagine s dark green piper with a white face. .. mean either. To use the color palette I wanted I had to make use of other ways to bring in focus and aesthetics to this model . Textures, harmony dark, light contrast, complimentery comirs for shading etc etc. He is a tough one. But still my favorite of the three.
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