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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Looking good my friend! Comps you can see whats going on and how cool other people are doing things and be blown away by skills and how others apply their knowledge to mindblowingly cool things. Learning here and experimenting with colours and theory really make it interesting for me. Peace bro

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    I'm loving the before and after john. It really shows how you've come along in this wonderful world; I know a little of your history and I love that you've found something that truly challenges you. It doesn't have to be a physical challenge but its certainly a mental challenge that you seem to truly enjoy. You inspire every one around you not just in painting but in all manner of things. You're happy to share all that you know and I am truly thankful for that.

    You kind of took me under your wing all those years ago and took my painting from good to excellent. There are still many many things to learn and I'm sure you still say the same about other artists and yourself. I am looking forward to learning from you and everyone else again to be a better painter and person.

    I again apologise for ghosting everyone for 2.5 years but I have a lot of shit on my plate to deal with but it doesn't excuse me for not dropping a msg. Once my new house is up and running we will be painting together again soon.


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    Yessir canny and than you get free info and tips when you pull aside Jen Haley and Farabi at the end after they compare and judge and ask them what do I do what don’t I do and am I willing to change the dints. free info they can’t say know!! Lol pace canny!!!
    epic - wow what can I say thisme more to me than a placing knowing helped you to create some amazing pieces in the past. I love you man. Getting ready to further our journey together again bud.i have so much to learn and so many knew things to share sometimes it seems like I come off as a know it all. I am not. I do however know what’s catapulted my skills and I’m a practical man. It’s easy if it works don’t change it just add to it. It something is out of my realm I’ll say so but no way I’ll say so if I know about something. I’ll be all to quick to share why’s and how’s.
    btw rem epic stay with your freehand (THIS KID IS SOME ARTIST ON CANVAS TOO IVE SEEN HIS WORKS. He was nice enough to share) I recall I said do the same thing it’s just a smaller piece of Jesso !!!!! and he did and he went up 10 levels. Go with what you know!!!!

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    Only so many ways I can say these look awesome mate! even better than previous work if that's even possible, the side by side with the old one is great too

    Looks like epic lives one county over from me :O

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    Thanks sickie so so so much- yeah mate I def don’t expect my friends to support my work every time I post(I POST ALOT TO KEEP SORT PF A LOG OF EVERY TIME I UPDATE THE PAINTJOB , every other second, !!! LOLOL HOWEVRR thanks you SO MUCHOS SICKS!!!!

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    I've moved to Devon in my absence, Plymouth, left the ex wife in Cornwall...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    Only so many ways I can say these look awesome mate! even better than previous work if that's even possible, the side by side with the old one is great too

    Looks like epic lives one county over from me :O


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    Noon update folks!!!Name:  D2EC65F4-D35C-4F21-9D8C-8A030D8DEADC.jpg
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    Oh yeah, that’s the coolest looking nurgle squad I’ve ever seen... outstanding work mate. They look downright awesome on those bases.... I knew they were going to be good, but this good !!!!! Gotta be super proud of these ones man

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    they look brilliant next to each other. great work

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    These guys are looking great mate! I like how they have all come together. I think the guy on the base could do with a little more contrast!!!! haha jokes :P

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    Oh no, there's poor human lying there. Someone should help him, he looks scared.

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    Lolololol can can noooo not the contraaaast!!!! Arrrrgh lol thanks coach Canny!!
    Coyote- your golden matey !!!
    CC wowzers thanks buddy!!! Golden
    fluister- yup another poor bastard covered in mold and muck!!!

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    !!! Wonderful unit. So much character in these minis and your paintwork compliments them beautifully. Can’t wait to see them in person. Great work BaM.

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    I thought you said these were nurgle? They are too clean, you sure they aren’t slaaneshi?

    Brilliant work as always, BaM!

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    Lololol chadster been so busy - friggin boarding for my dogs have given them scabbies - soe and the misses are in ultra cleaning mode!! I mean everyday (after painting of course) ugggggh
    FLUNK how are you bud I’m sure your brewing up a winner Mateu- as for these suckers they won’t be at crystal- I’m sending in my”BLUE CHIPS” all star 9 man blood bowl team. but I finished everything early so into more painting which is this three stooge bunch!!! Lolol

    chadster great idea on the nails great tip!!!def something I could’ve used Mateu!!!!

    what I ended up doing was having the nails look like a tone a bit brighter with a yellow glaze to represent fungal problems(nasty SOB) and used chestnut inks sparingly to change the tone of the bone pipes!!! Diferencial done bang shaboom!!!;(
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    They look great all together BaM. Clearly a cohesive unit but each model an individual.

    Can’t praise them enough.

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    Cracking unit as always BAM, the basing really pulls three very distinct models together.

    If I don’t get on here to comment before....have a blast at CB and best of luck with your entries!

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    I am not sure what you did, but the piper looks a lot better to me in these latest pictures (maybe he is just growing on me ) Definately a cool squad here BAM.

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