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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    And maybe juuuuust maaaaybe a stormcast given to me by Allentown GW (warhammer) to paint for their store of course I accept!!!Name:  F0F4A04C-0989-41DD-9637-C69F897D96FF.jpg
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    BaM don’t do that! :P

    The copper/bronze on this dude is looking fantastic. Nice touch of blue in the shadows (verdigris!)

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    Wow two pages of updates xD
    Great work as always BAM, thank you also for the orc SBS! Much appreciated
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    Thanks muchos Foxy a bit of tarnished so here and there there are some reds as well upon diff angles.
    and thank you Mae -much appreciated.

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    I am impressed with your choice of blue/green to create the shadows on the brass armor.
    Will he have lots of leather armor?
    I eat crayons!! Do you have any REDS? They taste the best!
    I probably would paint with them better.

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    Oooh a BAM stormcast !!!! Now this is going to be interesting
    just picked up a box of these guys yesterday so will be starting a few of them myself, can’t wait to see what you do with it!!!

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    I don't know who here watches Dr. Who, but those Stormcast models always remind me of the Cybermen. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it BAM. As always your work is stellar.

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    Thanks guys here’s a stormcast who will be set in a duel fighting off the undead obviously even righteous in mature that doesn’t mean clean of outfit)))
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    Alright alright so I might as well come clean I’m painting no nighthaunts I’m actually switching to pai
    g the stormcast and for one reason only - I’m getting my 3 man team ready for shadespyre. Yes I will play a game of shadespyre once they’re done.Name:  96476B20-7887-4A2D-9476-F1B446315CAE.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Alright alright so I might as well come clean I’m painting no nighthaunts
    Traitor! Haha, but no seriously, the stormcast looks awesome. Knowing you he has another 150 layers of grime to add yet!

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    Yeah you guys make me proud cause I’m still going to buy everybody’s who’s doing the night haunt project or PROJECT NIGHTHAUNT!!! Any body who wants to join in well say dark souls paintalong why not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    Traitor! Haha, but no seriously, the stormcast looks awesome. Knowing you he has another 150 layers of grime to add yet!
    But, but, but, John doesn't game!

    I am so confused! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    But, but, but, John doesn't game!

    I am so confused! Lol
    Now nobody get steimied !!! I WILL be playing my shadespyre game soon and will let everybody know what I think bout it!)))

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    very medieval, love it!

    I hope you enjoy Shadespire, its a great game, lots of fun and cool minis.
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    Yeah BAM....proper smashed up Stormcast, fresh from the melee....right up my street. Looking bloody lovely already.

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    looking great. nice scheme and the weathering coming on great. mind you im so used to seeing the nurgles, he looks like hes in his sunday best at the moment
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    Lovely work on the stormcast, I've missed a lot in here but will have to try and catch up

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    Some work done here and there !!!Name:  1D6FAA48-5454-45EC-9108-16F1D5EA15BA.jpg
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Size:  862.7 KBName:  C3ED7709-73D5-40C0-8A5A-490A377A5984.jpg
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Size:  885.8 KBive neatened up the pinstripes on the upper tabbard. I’ll address the rest as I go and have began the gob of the third orc. My philosophy -“ I know most folks do faces first . I PERSONALLY like to do em fist as the whole focus and skill is supposed to go into the face so rest assured if you do the face to a high standard there’s no chance the rest will be anything subpar!!!”

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    What!? A stormcast alla BAM! I have a feeling this guy won't be clean. I just wish I had 1/10 of my mojo back cause I got a box full of them stormcast but no desire at all to paint. Are you pinning those rackham yourself or you get help from Janet?

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    Lololol thanks MaMs.As for pinning I have to do it myself as there have been a few occasions that the drill broke where I could not retrieve it back and had to use a non centered hole which sometimes won’t line up.

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