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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    I have a technique that I used back in the 80's where I use no pins at all, you just make a chess board lines on each surfaces with a hobby knife, kind of a diamond pattern. It will give so much more adherence as the glue will sink into those micro lines and hold there.

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    This is also true Jocelyn janetuses it on her jewelry and I’ve used it often we call it scoring -it’s vasically like you described non deep ridges or lines but although not deep it’s still recessed enough to hold the prices and the glue in them very strong.
    Awesome tip Jocelyn.

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    Default Moving along

    Got my first stormcast for my 3 man group which I’ll pgixy for steehearts champions , and my comm job for Tom and his awesome collection of rare minis. He contracted me to do 17 of them. I’m almost done with the first six. All orbs as you have seen
    also I’m doing the new speacial edition chaplain. and my long term project of my Rackham conrontatiin “ork and goblin war and!” Thanks to Jocelyn Goyette for inspiring me to break out some rare models of the orc behemoths I had and give them a test drive. Here’s some work done and keep in mind guys my stormcast will have 3 so picture thatwjen viewing the eye candy is effective in the units I do . Name:  6C967A9E-BF26-4EEB-9A6C-BFED15E47C28.jpeg
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    Awesome work as always BAM; I just got that Stormcast 3-pack as well, and the 3-pack of Primaris Marines. They'll be the first GW minis I've ever painted. Interested to see how gritty and grimey yours come out!

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    Yeah thanks Brian their an excellent buy both of em.

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    The green skin in the middle, who I will name Bob, makes me chuckle. The other two are so in the middle of battle and "Bob" decides to stop and contemplate the meaning of War.

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    Leven has it :the BOBINATOR, is one to have huffed too much paint , sniffed too much glue, smoked too much ghanjha and tapped one too many veins so now he roams the field in a bad trip he cannot come back from!!! Lolololol oh wait that’s my past ...loll

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    2 more to go and that’s my shadespyre team!!! Lol is that what it is my team . That’s who’s on my team !!! LolololName:  380AC190-16B0-423B-80B6-EEB5B3E593B6.jpeg
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Size:  878.7 KB what’s great is it’s painted just cool enough to look good on the shadespyre boats but not award winning enough as to how I don’t have to be nervous touching things and not have to worry bout them getting damaged !!!

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    Very nice!!! I love the colour scheme...

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    Damn BaM. I like coming by here when it's been a while between drinks. I get surprised with heaps of new orky goodness. It will be interesting to see where you end up with the Rackham greenskin trio. I've had a few rattling around in my stash and it might just be the inspiration I need to cover them up with some paint. "Bob" is my favourite mini so I'll have to start with him. Thank you for posting your way of painting the faces and mouths.

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    That turqouise is a great splash of colour on that stormcast. Metallics are pretty on point too!

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    THANK YOU JO, CC,FOXY ... you all are sumtin else!!! So far I’ve started my 2 other stormcasts. But I need to say something my casta for shadespyre will not be award winners but they WILL BE DOWNRITE TASTY AND COOL AS ALL HELL!!!
    Name:  2A6A5C8C-9AAA-4E98-87F9-E5DC2C2B24B5.jpg
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Size:  824.6 KBDat lil fence makes all the diff on the coolness scale.

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    Nice painting mate. Great colour pallet with just enough grime and blood
    I bet he's hot with all that armour and robes on !
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Looking great, BaM! Dirty secret: I despise Stormcast models in all their variations. Yours is probably the first I've genuinely liked. The white armor helps a lot to break up the pile of roundish metallic parts that is a Stormcast dude.

    I'm also thrilled you're going to play a game! You never, never, seem to struggle for motivation or productivity, but it is pretty fun to finish up a new figure and know that your friends will be surprised to see him staring across the table the next day.

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    wow thats looking ace! nice work BAM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Nice painting mate. Great colour pallet with just enough grime and blood
    I bet he's hot with all that armour and robes on !
    He's actually a really skinny guy but he uses all the extra space for ice, like a walking ice bucket challenge, you can here them clunking around when he moves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    He's actually a really skinny guy but he uses all the extra space for ice, like a walking ice bucket challenge, you can here them clunking around when he moves

    BAM as the others have said, this dolor pallette is awesome. The turquoise next to the grimy white is just lovely.


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    Wow guys thanks everyone really means a lot. I’ll say it again the beginnings of the model it was not intended to draw any attention as it was just something I was going to paint cause 1) I looove the models snd 2 I wanted to play a game with something that if it got scratched or nicked I wouldn’t mind and you couldn’t see it anyways . Then I started having so much fun adding and things like that and I’m so thankful I stayed the course . If I would’ve began this with any other mindset ,who knows how it would’ve finished up. Thank you all immensely!!!

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    Can't wait to see what you do with the female stormcast holding the shield. She is an awesome model and I've loved all the different variations on her so far.

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    Slowly chipping away just started the clothing highlighting etc. Name:  60712FC2-0926-40FA-AA5D-7C3D24A7FDD5.jpg
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