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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    I will be doing a number of these I have planned. One of the others will be a deathguard with chaos gifts added(converted) stay tuned. The weather quite well!!!

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    Name:  BC40E304-AD29-49AB-ABE6-D47E3815E9F8.jpg
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Size:  963.3 KB Getting ready for the crystal brush qualifier!!!

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    Beautiful dude, uncomfortably realistic!

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    Never get tired of looking at those nurgle minis

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    Look pretty damn stunning on that base BAM. Excellent work.

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    So good! You’re definitely feeding my nurgle frenzy!
    love Sloppity. Looks great in the more muted tones you e used.

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    Yep other bases ready and drilled here’s a few more unofficial pics of the TRIO from MIO Name:  9060E738-BC6D-47D1-9515-30D035B90799.jpg
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Size:  898.2 KBName:  9B6610B6-9C5D-482A-8AB3-551A13D49FB8.jpg
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Size:  1.17 MBName:  9B6610B6-9C5D-482A-8AB3-551A13D49FB8.jpg
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Size:  1.17 MBName:  047804CF-B026-40F5-ACC2-E8CACAD11435.jpeg
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Size:  1.23 MB

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    Ooooooooooh!!! Eyeballs!!!

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    The eyes... I feel them starin' at me... ;-)
    Very cool work!!! That piece looks worth to receive a crystal brush. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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    The eyes! The eyeeeees!
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    7 units accompanying me -if men serves in recent years you can enter multiple models and they de pic the best out of your group.. it was then you could either make finals, earn a certificate , or get a bronze silver or gold(if your lucky) one year there were no golds awarded. Last year that was abruptly changed as I STEIMIED THE JUDGES)) and had multiple entries of equally high caliber as they put it and walked away with 7 medals 3 bronze, 3silver and 3 gold. I will try and do the same thing , either way it’s pretty sweet to know that I’ve changed the judging books forever !!!!

    Thnk you all my stalwart band of merry pricks lolol I cherish you all Mateys!!! Golden guns!!!
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    On a side project one of many-cruising through some weathered primaris interceptors- I just felt they would benefit from a full onslaught of weathered beuty. I after all hopefully will win ANOTHER Best weathering award.Name:  29AEF387-0077-46D4-B6B3-F9FD0F7B4A46.jpg
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Size:  1.05 MB Better pics coming up .Name:  1C93E320-1DB7-4F05-BAC4-243F8C0B7276.jpg
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Size:  946.4 KBName:  772AB03B-4814-45E5-86ED-CEA3A49FD9A9.jpeg
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    Default Apologies

    Bout that color swing forcing the left side to seem to washout.. the booth is always set to photographing jewelry as it’s my fiancé Janet’s line of work. She’s a jeweler and metalsmith of silver .but you get the idea.

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    Here are pics of the completed deathguard on their pressdrilled movement tray.Name:  61B07626-D1C6-4204-8D96-6D2481D979FD.jpeg
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Size:  1.91 MBName:  9721C0F0-F8B8-4696-AF0E-BFF2D13CDD93.jpeg
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Size:  1.74 MBName:  AEF2ADBF-FD02-4E57-B025-54376402F58F.jpg
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Size:  768.7 KBName:  C2DF1874-D1DC-4B68-B51A-B7944C9E2FDA.jpg
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Size:  760.6 KBName:  E6911D23-83A1-4F8B-979D-79BB2BDC85A1.jpg
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Size:  762.5 KBName:  2A05D707-4D48-4947-84D1-CD166F2F9719.jpg
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Size:  770.2 KBName:  6EFB6D87-F735-474B-8509-6E2BC870D0AD.jpeg
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Size:  1.85 MBName:  AB1870AA-217F-4E6B-BA84-0E1A6AF5A7FD.jpeg
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Size:  1.89 MBName:  64656C5F-842E-4545-A8A5-6DCA086589D5.jpeg
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Size:  1.59 MBName:  61B07626-D1C6-4204-8D96-6D2481D979FD.jpeg
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Size:  1.91 MB

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    And my sepulchral guard which made volomirs do not miss list))Name:  54C22ED4-958F-4115-925F-8ACB920C7DC3.jpeg
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Size:  1.44 MBName:  441C3CEE-37BA-4940-84A0-BE62951E218F.jpg
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Size:  936.8 KBName:  F9F52A99-4C97-471E-9851-F85E0CB31900.jpg
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Size:  787.9 KBName:  A9B85642-B2AD-4ED5-87B8-EC96BCFDC1F5.jpg
Views: 107
Size:  862.1 KB and 4 others which will include my “ crystal brush silver winning unit this year “BLUE CHIPS “ blood bowl star players.

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    You are a legend, come to Instagram with us, you will become a super star...

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    Damn I like those skeletons... and the rest is pretty nice too! Lol

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME -I’m 45 today!!!!

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