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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Wow! ... yep there is a difference... showing that "high end" is not the end... there is a "higher end".

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    So here we go a bit more done -now I’m warming up my hand and feeling good I like where my cruise control is set and I’m feel a wonderful Rythym and this should carry on over until these boys are done than it’s the big four-after that shadespyre HERE WE GO!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!! DO IT FOR THE GOLD HELMETS BOYS DO IT FOR THE IRISH -NOTRE DAME NOTREDAME!!!!!!lets go fighting Irish -get em down in the red One quick and concert- no huddle offense all the way!!!!!Name:  7DB161EE-BF7D-4578-BD82-97890CB4BFA4.jpg
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    BAM, producing awesome disgusting stuff as usual, mate! Love the blue shading on the metal btw.
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    Here’s today’s work put in!!!Name:  2C1CB343-6BF3-4319-B7F2-59125315518F.jpg
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    Default Starting as well 2 shadespyre preps

    Eyes of 9 to play , and zarbags Gitz follow my excursion as I return to the color I loved since I started -ORK N GOBBOS!!!!-
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    I've got those Gitz on the table too little minis. I've made start on the first one but I'm not entirely happy with it so it may be paying a trip to the land of Dettol...will take a fresh look tonight.

    Suitably unpleasant work on the GellerPox crew....when are we going to see the big guys on your table?

    Belated praise for the classic Squats good to see those painted up to todays standards. (bit jealous of you getting your hands on those to paint)

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    Thanks so muchos bud. I have the eyes of 9 first as I really want to play with them but those zarbgs Gitz dudes will be all my efforts just for display. I must have the biggest load on my table right now- however not feeling overwhelmed at all time will tell- big guys after I finish the lil guys

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    they look fantastic BAM.

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    GW has figured out that if they make zillions of gross nurgly/xenos models they'll get all BaM's money. They always get ya!

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    Always an inspiration! Love it BAM

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    Guys normally jo doesn’t say anything -but our very own fav forum member is ill and needs as many prayers and good vibes as possible- everyone keep “BULLFROG “ in our thoughts and prayers!!! What an amazingly resilient person!!!

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    I’m on a GOD granted ROLE I TELL YA!!!!’Name:  DB7CF9AD-0BC7-49CF-8F8D-FF9A8AA03801.jpg
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Size:  919.4 KBthis ones fer you Jojo(gellerpox walkers!!!)
    guys I know sometimes we take on a lot of projects and at certain moments we just wish we should’ve waited for another month or saved on that particular Kickstarter , maybe then we would have gotten that mini that is just the grail to painters. However everyone know my output of turning mini MS around seems like a lightening quick surgical strike. It’s really Is that:1) I have the time- most days I paint anywhere from as lil as 6 hours to as many as 12 sometime more. But I really believe that painting a few things at one time means yeah you won’t post for awhile in the galleries but in several months you’ll have completed a ton of high quality projects. I do feel ever since I’ve ramped up mypeojects between 4-5 projects that I’m certainly enjoying it even more as I’m not bored or wishing something would be done. I keep on going a bit here a little there and eventually all is complete.
    not to mention the immense amount of practice I’m getting in touching on new ways to do things , clarifying those things I thought I already knew etc etc.
    so I say -PAINT ON MY STALWART BAND -and in time you’ll finish models and they will look even better than the last group
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    you are a fiend at painting so many so quickly. I think that I have come to the realization that I am a miniature collector who paints occasionally and very slowly
    And now I see that they will have Men of Iron, Kroots, squats and a few others I want in the upcoming Blackstone Fortress set....dang it soon to collect more minis

    Great Pox Walkers you have done there.

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    Hmm, don't know what happened to my original post, but here goes a valiant attempt to recreate it.

    Great job on those pox walkers so far!

    I am amazed at your speed and skill. I feel that I have become more of a miniature Collector who occasionally paints. And now with Blackstone fortress coming out with Kroots, Men of Iron, Squats, and a bunch of other stuff, it looks like I will be adding to my collection!

    and after re-posting --- Then my original post shows up, go figure!

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    Thanks Eki!!! Yeah I always picture myself the hero —- meaning -I stand alone with a hardass grin cocked to one side!!! The enemy in front of me - ( well it happens to be something extremely scary (MYRIADS OF INFINITE AND ENDLESS UNASSEBLED AND STILL IN THE BOX CITADEL MINIATURES BY GAMES WORKSHOP ) Its me alone ,in my skivies with only 1 brush thats spindles. Wave after wave I CRACK EACH MODEL IN THE MOUTH(aka finish painting them)!!! Lol that’s my vision !!!!!
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    Excellent work as per usual Bam. Mate, don't start putting pics of those gitz up on here ha, I'm having a hard time as it is stopping myself from getting them until I finish some of the stuff I already have! If you start posting pic I may break!

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    Thank you thank you thank you sigmar. First on the list is these three guys get finished then I’ll do those with the eyes of Nine. So your safe right now-Name:  58D6F8DB-1636-4DEB-8642-41872487B9BC.jpg
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    Ok so pics tonight by Jannie and her killer camera- !!! Stayeth tunedeth !!!

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    So 3 down and 4 to go (you know thosebig ugly thingies) I have a schedule and an order of all the projects I’m wanting to do before moving into the next this way when I have my “top 100 galleria projects on CMON AND P&P I can say the future generations can see my work!!!Name:  E38CEA20-0C34-466C-8568-AABC4508CAFF.jpeg
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Size:  1.68 MBName:  F3401427-9D72-4529-9279-562AAF5B2774.jpeg
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Size:  1.12 MBName:  2D9DE26C-7972-4E65-B930-99ADB417158C.jpeg
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Size:  1.12 MBanothergeot tank makes 3 for any upcoming golden demon contests (gotta be ready for anything)!!!

    btw on this site their are great paintjobs , however great pictures are a diff story . It has without say if you know the ins and outs you can make a mini look even better. I’ve even seen them do this at crystal brush. Me and Janet saw a certain gent touch up every single photo this way. When it has to go online voting each will have no asvantage than another as all finalists look evens the field.
    my photos that I put up with the exception of a diff daylight bulb for diff models meaning certain lighting for metals vs regular, are untouched. Basically folks, my images are untouched and raw . This guarrees they will look even better when viewed upclose and seen in person.
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    Ooooooh oooh. Did you say eyes? You know my weak spot. Gotta hang around to see those. Not that recent work ain’t that bad.

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