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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Had not basing colors for eyes so goblins are up I’m just getting warmed up here.Name:  CCDC6EC9-50E4-4D9D-955A-BD4CF3C8555C.jpg
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Size:  730.2 KBName:  65AF039E-96B7-4473-8834-7B2D744A678B.jpg
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Size:  767.4 KBthere will be pink noses and pink mouths as usual

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    Wow! You have been busy. They look nice, but I find this gobbo sculpt to be very cool and should lend itself to being BAMerized well.

    Btw...Janet needs to submit a photography tutorial for us idiots that can't take awesome pictures.

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    Zarbag paintalong! Just started mine tonight...will post up soon!

    Great start!

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    hmmm...I was using the raw pics in my page, maybe I will have to use the "cartoonize" feature on my phone, it pixelates them so they should wind up looking better (or maybe just crack out my copy of Photoshop and paint the mini in that, I kid..photoshop wouldn't help me)

    Oh, and your gellerpox minis do look way better with her camera work! No slight meant, but you can see a lot of additional detail that was washed out from previous pics

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    Lol thanks guys -KRULEY -will def ask her highness
    ZARBAG PAINTALONG -exactly what I had in mimd !!!
    eki - stay raw stay in the up and up and stay strong buddy boy!!!

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    lol, I wouldn't use photo shop as I want to show what I can actually do and eventually learn in painting, not computer graphics
    But I can see where actually understanding how to work a camera, besides "auto" settings would offer some benefits to taking the pics.

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    I totally agree eki- I want to show exactly what a judge would be looking st as it’s the only way I can make any adjustments to a model and this cannot be don’t if it’s fooled by photoshop et. just my own thoughts on it.

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    ...yep, I’m definitely getting in on this paintalong!

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    Nice, nice, nice great start on that little gobo... I’ve been meaning to get around to getting myself a copy of those guys, they are soooo cool.

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    Everybody get it -the whole world sing along!!!))))slow day here
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    What a selection of awesomeness you have there!!!!

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    Well that gives a whole new meaning to the term "my stomach is growling".

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    Lololol yeah he’s got a bit of upset stomach- get the mylanta! LololName:  5959945D-2FBF-434D-B2A5-A61A773B63F1.jpeg
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    Default Yessss I can’t genough of these Lil men

    Sounds worse than what is actually meant but ANYWAYS.Name:  D5DA6874-963C-4794-AFB4-1ED2066F4829.jpg
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    Update for personal log !!!!Name:  B1B94A5A-4DAE-42A6-8BEF-D74E5955B77E.jpg
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    And ending off the night with plenty of good sleep work done and plenty more to come!!!!
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    Excellent pea soup drool.

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    Thanks roadie Lol yeah I full of surprises 50 ways to use nurglesrot and or BftBG
    I’ve opened the shades as o always change the light I use in a model. Helps even out how it looks under all light.
    so here’s some progress with natural light which can be unforgiving.Name:  009EF5B5-7D32-41CB-BD4A-73F1F79C85E9.jpg
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    Great work, they really look ugly (in a positive way ^^ ). I bet the inquisition would unleash the Grey Knights immediately and probably erase the whole planet these filthy mutands were sighted on xD

    Really love the goblins face. The big eye that is nearly popping out of his skull is really nice in focus and it gives the face a lot of character. Sadly the pictures are a bit blury :/

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